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Ocean Breeze Recovery is an addiction rehab center based in South Florida that is dedicated to healing broken minds, bodies, and spirits. We know that every person is different, and we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all addiction recovery program. That’s why we are committed to providing treatment programs that adapt to your personality, spirituality, and history.

One of the more dangerous myths about addiction is that it’s just a physical struggle. At Ocean Breeze, we know that treating the mind is just as important as treating the body. To do this, we offer quality outpatient programs that focus on the thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

Located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Ocean Breeze is fully licensed in the state of Florida, and our counselors are certified and licensed in their various fields. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and families that are affected by alcohol or drug addiction, helping them find new and better ways of living life. If you want to transform your lifestyle, the time to act is now. Ocean Breeze Recovery offers you everything you need to begin a new, substance-free life.

Facility Features

Personalized Care

At Ocean Breeze, we don’t let our extensive experience with addiction recovery lure us into standardizing treatment. We maintain the belief that each person’s struggle with addiction is unique, and this reflects in our programs.

Experienced Professionals

Our fully-licensed staff of counselors, therapists, and case managers is no stranger to addiction treatment, with many of them having gone through the same things you are going through. Their dedication and compassion are what make our programs possible.

Connection Opportunities

One of the major barriers to true recovery is isolation. At Ocean Breeze, you will be connected not only with caring counselors and therapists, but also with others who are struggling with addiction.

At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we understand that each person is unique and so are their circumstances. We meet you wherever you are on the road to recovery and help you develop the skills needed to live a sober life.

Making the Delphi Difference

Ocean Breeze Recovery is a proud member of Delphi Behavioral Health Group, a nationwide family of drug treatment centers that aims to set a new standard for addiction recovery facilities. Our elite team of licensed staff members from all over the country is dedicated to one goal: to put you first throughout your recovery journey.

As the addiction epidemic continues to grow in this country, Delphi works to set a higher standard or quality for substance abuse treatment. We encourage every person who walks through our doors to make use of the full continuum of treatment so that they can experience true lasting sobriety.

At Ocean Breeze, we promote the Delphi Difference, which is our method of leveraging our low client-to-counselor ratio and clinically-proven therapy methods to address the root of addiction and to help prevent relapse in the future. Like the other Delphi facilities, our professional and caring staff connect with you and work tirelessly to get you on the right path to a life free from addiction. From a medical detox to transitional living, we help those struggling with substance abuse to get back on their feet and turn over that new leaf.

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