At Ocean Breeze Recovery center we fully understand that each individual is unique and so are their circumstances. This is the very reason that we insist that each individual that embraces our drug treatment program has an individualized treatment plan. We meet individuals where they are on the road to recovery and help them develop the skills needed to live a sober life.

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Our substance abuse inpatient treatment is aimed to help those that call for medical stabilization, are a high risk for relapse, or are resistant to treatment. We offer the very best and most comprehensive inpatient substance abuse treatment made available. Clients in our residential program are monitored 24 hours a day and all their needs are provided for while they begin their recovery.

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Addiction Treatment

Located in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida, Ocean Breeze is fully licensed in the state, and its counselors are certified and licensed in their various fields. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and families that are affected by alcohol or drug addiction. We promise to help these individuals find new and better way of living life. We are here to help you or your loved one every step of the way. If you want to transform your life, the time to act is now. Ocean Breeze Recovery offers you everything that you need to begin a new, substance-free life.

“ Before I went to Ocean Breeze I knew nothing about AA, journalism, or meditation. Now they are all a part of my daily life in recovery. The most important thing I learned during my treatment was how my mindset, behaviors, attitudes and negative beliefs all fed into my alcoholism. Ocean Breeze gave me a lot of tools to help me start to change and manage all these parts of me which are extremely helpful now that I’m home and back at work. ”

– John W.


We are glad to accept most health insurance plans are are happy to work with your insurance company to get the maximum amount of coverage possible for your treatment.


From residential and outpatient therapy to our alumni program, clients are provided with a safe place in which to recover. Our therapists help individuals work through their underlying causes of addiction and restore balance to their lives.