Addiction Professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery

At Ocean Breeze Recovery Center for Addiction Treatment we utilize a multi-disciplinary approach that is solely dedicated to the very best and advanced addiction treatment possible. Our addiction professionals deliver the perfect balance of compassion, integrity and professionalism to the care of each and every individual that walks through our doors.

The addiction professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery are skilled in treating dual diagnosis individuals and various behavioral addictions in a professional and caring fashion. We use a combination of the very best professionals coupled with cutting edge research to diagnose and treat addiction and mental health issues.

Our Addiction Treatment Clinical Team:
Providing the Gold Standard in the Addiction Rehabilitation Experience

Executive Team

Kimberly Cogan Chief Operating Officer Ocean Breeze Recovery

Kimberly Cogan
Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Kimberly Cogan has a passion for helping others find a life of recovery and happiness. This passion stems from her personal beliefs in the power of addiction treatment and the 12-step model. Kimberly serves as both the Chief Operating Officer and a Woman’s Counselor. Kimberly studied at Penn State University and following much personal success was driven to help individuals and families find freedom from alcoholism and drug addiction. Kimberly’s vision is to empower Ocean Breeze Recovery clients using diverse methods such as relationship building, addiction counseling and anger management.

Linda Irvin Chief Financial Officer Ocean Breeze Recovery

Linda Irvin
Chief Financial Officer

Linda joins Ocean Breeze Recovery as the Chief Financial Officer. In this capacity she oversees all of the organization’s budgeting, planning and financial issues. Her extensive career started in public tax accounting. In the private sector Linda was the Internal Auditing Supervisor and National Accounts Corporate Billing Liaison for the nation’s largest direct mail advertiser, ADVO System. Most recently, she spent 12 years with one of South Florida’s largest General Contractors working primarily with national accounts. Linda graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BS in Accounting.

Anthony Cibene Executive Director of Ocean Breeze Recovery

Anthony Cibene
Executive Director

Anthony started at Ocean Breeze Recovery in 2011. He joined the team because he knew he had a passion to help others. Anthony was an admissions coordinator for a year before his promotion to Director of Admissions. His assiduous desire to learn and excel, along with a noticeably remarkable business acumen; allowed Anthony to further advance his career in 2014 to executive director. Anthony’s main priority is to make sure each client transitions safely into the Ocean Breeze Recovery treatment program. He does this by overseeing the call center and admissions department. Anthony has developed long-term relationships with other agencies, detox facilities, hospitals, therapists, and case managers. He is also manages the implementation of our new Electronic Medical Records system. Anthony is a testament to clients going through treatment and is proof that recovery can work even at the youngest of age. Anthony also works with the alumni team.

Dale Thomas CAP Provider Liaison Ocean Breeze Recovery

Dale Thomas CAP
Provider Liaison

Dale serves as the Provider Liaison at Ocean Breeze Recovery. In this capacity, he manages the intake and utilization review process. In addition, he acts as liaison between insurance companies, clients and the addiction treatment clinical team with the goal of ensuring a smooth continuum of care for all clients. Prior to joining our team, Dale was on staff at Dunklin Memorial Church where he was a teacher, counselor and work-site supervisor for five years. He is an active Certified Addiction Professional through the Florida Certification Board and is currently continuing his education at Phoenix University where he is studying Psychology.

Medical Professionals

Addiction Professionals at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Antonio De Filippo 
MD Medical Director

Dr. Antonio De Filippo is triple board certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Addiction Medicine and is a leading mental health authority in South Florida. Dr. De Filippo’s extensive experience includes senior executive positions at many local Institutions including Spectrum Programs, Archways Community Mental Health Center, Susan B. Anthony Community Mental Health Center, Miami Behavioral Health, and the Broward County Health Planning Council. Dr. De Filippo is currently the CEO of South Florida Psychiatric Services. He is also a speaker for several major pharmaceutical corporations and is frequently requested as a consultant and trainer for national medical advisory meetings. Dr. De Filippo graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and received his medical degree from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. He returned to Miami to complete his residency training at the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctor De Filippo is currently an adjunct professor of psychopharmacology at Nova University Medical School.

Dr. Marc Romano ARNP CAP

Dr. Marc J. Romano, CAP, LHRM, ARNP, BC, PSYD
Assistant Medical Director

I bring to my role as Assistant Medical Director the education, experience and knowledge to provide a range of services to the clients we serve.  My credentials as a Certified Addiction Professional, a Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager, a Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist allow me the knowledge base to pull from many different disciplines when treating clients.

A little about my educational background, I completed my Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Connecticut in 1989 followed by relocating to England to complete a two year Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at Manchester University.  In the early 1990’s, after working as a psychologist at St. Charles Hospital in London, England, I returned to the United States to complete a five year Doctor of Psychology Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hartford, Connecticut.  As part of this training and education, I completed a one year APA Accredited Internship at Nova Southeastern University Community Mental Health Center in Fort Lauderdale followed by a one year Post-Doctoral Residency program at the Juvenile Court Assessment Center in Miami.  In 1998, I became licensed as a psychologist in Florida.

In 2000, I began my nursing career and in 2003 I graduated from the Huran School of Nursing with and became licensed as a Registered Nurse.  This was a wonderful and rewarding experience that encouraged me to further my nursing education by completing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Florida International University in 2008, and my Masters of Science in Nursing in 2012 at the University of South Alabama.  In April, 2013, I became a Board Certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP, BC).

My work experience, like my education, has been very broad.  I have worked in many positions as a psychologist, including a court psychologist, a therapist in both profit, not for profit organizations, and hospital settings, a clinical director and I have had my own private practice for almost fifteen years.  As a nurse, I have worked in the areas of admissions, utilization review, employee health, infection control, and management.  I have worked as a nurse in detox facilities, inpatient psychiatric settings, and on in settings for individuals with both addiction and mental illness.

Ruth-Ellen LeBel,  R.N, BSN, BSA Psychology Registered Nurse Ocean Breeze Recovery

Ruth-Ellen LeBel,  R.N, BSN, BSA Psychology
Registered Nurse

Ruth-Ellen has found her niche in Addiction/Dual Diagnosis Treatment after a career of working in a variety of specialty nursing areas including Correctional Nursing, Cardiac ICU, Neromedicial /Neurosurcial  ICU, Crisis Stabilization  and Trauma . She worked in this capacity for several years and plans to continue in this field at Ocean Breeze Recovery, where her passion for addiction treatment was reborn. She currently holds certifications as an addiction specialist, infusion therapy, intensive care trauma, treatment of dual diagnosis, and EKG interpretation.

Michelle Merritt Client Care Coordinator Ocean Breeze Recovery

Michelle Merritt
Client Care Coordinator

Michelle came to Ocean Breeze as a tech supervisor back in 2010. She immediately excelled in specific areas to make sure the clients received the best of care. Today Michelle works closely with our medical staff to make sure each and every client has the proper care during his or her stay at Ocean Breeze.

Michael Hallenbeck EMT Ocean Breeze Recovery

Michael Hallenbeck

Michael joined Ocean Breeze Recovery in 2013 because of his desire to help people. As our second short EMT, he monitors and checks in with every client to ensure his or her health, safety and stability during their stay. Michael has a sister who is active in recovery and has come to believe in the process of recovery from addiction. By sharing his story, he can help families understand and gain new perspective on the effects of addiction and alcoholism.

Clinical Professionals

Stuart Azoulay Primary Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

Stuart Azoulay BA, MA
Clinical Director

Stuart is a Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT). He connects with clients by listening to and exploring their unique situations without placing judgment and remaining curious about their perspectives. He is eclectic in his approach, as he believes that each client is unique and will respond to different therapeutic techniques. During his years as a therapist, Stuart provided counseling to those struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self-mutilation, ADHD, relationship difficulties, life transitions and family change including divorce and death. These issues greatly affect people’s ability to thrive and he helps clients work through these challenges to make positive changes. Stuart specializes in working with substance abuse clients at the inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care. With all of his clients, he brings forward their strengths, increases their self-awareness, and empowers them so they are better able to make decisions that will positively shape their lives. He explores with them unhelpful ways of relating to challenges and offers constructive ways of dealing with them. Together with clients, he discusses options and new possibilities for preferred ways of living to promote their continued success as they transition from struggling with addiction to striving in recovery.

Education B.A., Lynn University, Business Administration, 1996
M.A., Nova Southeastern University, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2011 Graduated with 4.0 GPA

Van Jones, M.S. Ed.D Program Director Ocean Breeze Recovery

Van Jones, M.S. Ed.D
Program Director

Van Jones is one of the most respected treatment developers in South Florida. As a former employee of the Florida Department of Children and Family Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office as the Substance Abuse Licensing Specialist. During Van’s 15 years of experience (seven year of those years being employed with DCF), she has analyzed, monitored, licensed, and/or consulted with approximately 90 percent of the licensed substance abuse treatment facilities in Broward County and surrounding areas. Van is a Master level Clinician who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a specialty in Substance Abuse Education and Counseling. Van’s DCF training and educational background have contributed to a degree of expertise in the following areas: Federal and State compliance (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, Chapter 65D-30, F.A.C and Chapter 397, F.S.,)  accreditation acquisition, medical records, assessments of various spectrums, treatment planning, creating safety protocols with policies and procedures, quality assurance, and program development.

Kimberly Cogan Chief Operating Officer Ocean Breeze Recovery

Paige Maurer, M.S., LMHC
Primary Therapist

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Paige believes in the concept of addiction as “dis-ease” and imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. She specializes in helping her … Read More

Kimberly Cogan Chief Operating Officer Ocean Breeze Recovery

Edi Hernandez, M.S., NCC, IMFT
Primary Therapist

Edi Hernandez received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida with a major in psychology and a minor in religious studies. She then went on to Barry … Read More

Steven Pascuzzo CAC Primary Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

Steven Pascuzzo CAC
Primary Therapist

Steven brings more than 7 years of experience to Ocean Breeze Recovery where he serves as a Primary Counselor. As a Primary Counselor, Steve is responsible for developing an individualized treatment plan based on the each client’s needs. Steve is qualified and adept at identifying the client’s issues that cause them to struggle with addiction. Once identified Steve works tirelessly with the client to help them deal with or overcome these issues. Watching these clients succeed is what drives Steve to continue with his work at Ocean Breeze Recovery. Steve says, “To watch a client learn about themselves and use the tools we give them to maintain sobriety gives me tremendous satisfaction. Just to know that I can use my training to help these clients understand what keeps them in active addiction and to be a small part of their recovery process is what I find satisfying.”

Prior to Ocean Breeze Recovery, Steven worked as Director of Admissions at the Boca House. He also served as Director of the Fellowship Living recovery communities. Steven is currently a Certified Addiction Counselor through the Florida Certification Board.

Steven Pascuzzo CAC Primary Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

Shiran Cohen, MS, RMHCI
Primary Therapist

Shiran received her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from the Florida International University and Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Carlos Albizu University. Ms. Cohen has worked with a diverse population individuals. Her wide range of experience includes working with clients afflicted with substance abuse issues, relationship problems, eating disorders, sexual trauma, and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. In describing her therapeutic approach, Shiran states “I believe in a client-centered, humanistic therapy approach. I believe that the way to create success is to provide individualized treatment tailored to the needs of the client. I endeavor to create a secure, nurturing environment where my clients can achieve growth through genuine, unconditional positive regard, and empathic understanding.” Ms. Cohen is fluent in Hebrew and English. Shiran has been working in the field of addiction since early 2008.

Donna Jenkins Ocean Breeze Recovery

Donna Jenkins BA, MS
Primary Therapist

Donna Jenkins obtained her bachelor degree from New School for Social Research in New York City with a major in psychology. Her Master Degree (Mental Health Clinician) was earned at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida.
Donna has earned a variety of valuable experience in the field of treatment which includes Henderson Mental Health Clinic, South County Mental Health Clinic, Administration for Children Services and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities. Additional practical experiences include House of Hope, Stepping Stones, Broward County Dependency Courts, Department of Juvenile Justice and Broward County Mental Health Court.

The opportunity to be exposed to an international clinical experience was afforded to Donna when she was a member of a therapeutic contingent that travelled to the African countries of Swaziland and South Africa, to provide services to a population in dire need. She refers to this as a “life changing clinical opportunity” to experience providing services to a diverse population.

Deborah McNamara CAC Primary Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

Deborah McNamara CAC
Primary Therapist

Deborah McNamara brings more than sixteen years of experience to Ocean Breeze Recovery. Serving as a Primary Counselor, Deborah facilitates focus groups and counsels many of our female clients. Throughout her years in the addiction field, she has held various positions including resident manager, group facilitator and quality assurance coordinator. We are honored to have Deborah’s level of integrity and professionalism assist our treatment team in assuring quality patient care at Ocean Breeze. Deborah graduated with an Associates of Science Degree from Boulder College and is currently on her way to becoming a Certified Addictions Counselor through the Florida Certification Board.

Christopher Doyle Ocean Breeze Recovery

Christopher Doyle
Primary Therapist

Chris has a passion for helping others overcome their substance abuse and underlying issues, assisting them in achieving their God given potential. Chris received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont in 2005. He is currently a Board Certified Addiction Specialist and is continuing his clinical and course work to become a Certified Addictions Professional. Chris facilitates the Christian Rehab Program at Ocean Breeze Recovery.

Regina Paniagua IOP Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

Regina Paniagua, CAC
IOP Therapist

Regina joined Ocean Breeze Recovery in December of 2011. Born and raised in Harlem NY, she attended Argus Community College in the Bronx for education and training in counseling. She is a Certified Addiction Counselor and has been in the field for over 11 years. Regina started as a junior counselor at Aurora Concept in New York City. She continues her education in all areas of counseling. As an IOP therapist at Ocean Breeze Recovery, she advises, guides and educates clients about the disease of addiction. Regina says, “I completely understand about addiction I am 15 year in recovery and someone gave me love and compassion which I truly give back freely to all the clients that comes through our doors. We at Ocean Breeze Recovery always have the client’s best interest first, along with their family involvement. I have been in the field for over 11 years I started as a junior counselor at Aurora concept and continue to train in all areas of counseling.”

David Greer IOP Therapist Ocean Breeze Recovery

David Greer
IOP Therapist

David has been working in the field of substance abuse treatment since 1994. Through his years in the addictions treatment field, David has served as a Primary Counselor, Court Liaison, and Substance Abuse Case Manager. David joined OBR in March of 2012 as an Outpatient Counselor to assist male clients in their transition from treatment to recovery as a means of managing their addiction. David specializes in educating our clients on the concepts of addiction as a disease, relapse prevention, and personal recovery development. David completed necessary courses for Certified Addictions Counselor and hopes to improve professional status by using his four years of college to attain a MSW.

Kristin Smith Case Manager Ocean Breeze Recovery

Kristin Smith
Case Manager

Kristen is originally from The Garden State. She came to south Florida to begin her journey in recovery in 2006. She is dedicated to helping clients continue on their path after they complete treatment and assists them with all legal and employment needs so they can focus on their treatment. Kristen started working in the field of addiction treatment in 2009 as a tech and became a case manager in 2011. Kristen has been with Ocean Breeze since 2013.

Jeffrey Sayre, CAC Court Liaison, RecoveryU Educator Ocean Breeze Recovery

Jeffrey Sayre, CAC
Court Liaison, RecoveryU Educator

Jeff is a Board Certified Addictions Counselor with more than 10 years of experience in the addiction field. Currently he serves as Ocean Breeze Recovery Court Liaison working with clients that have court issues. He has a Medical Level Clearance to enter Jails when needed.

Jeff provides training for students at Ocean Breeze Recovery University Professional Education Division, facilitating the Certified Addiction Professional Education Classes.

Deejah Thomas Intake Coordinator Ocean Breeze Recovery

Deejah Thomas
Intake Coordinator

Deejah Thomas is our Intake Coordinator. Her position includes sitting with each client when they first arrive at Ocean Breeze Recovery. During the intake process, she gathers information pertaining to the events that led the client to treatment, which includes information from their childhood to present.

Deejah is also a spiritual counselor. She works with repeat clients who find themselves back in treatment, helping them understand the need of a Higher Power, how to utilize this Higher Power in their lives and how to address issues with a spiritual approach. Her heart is to share the grace of God with addicts and alcoholics who so desperately need it.

Deejah is preparing to begin her graduate program in Social Work.

Christopher Penn Tech Supervisor Ocean Breeze Recovery

Christopher Penn
Tech Supervisor

Chris Penn is a tech supervisor at Ocean Breeze Recovery. He earned his BA in communications and AA in business from Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Chris is completing course and clinical requirements for his certification as an addiction professional (CAP). He shares his own hard won recovery & successes with OBR clients in the hope that his experiences will inspire them to discover the beauty of recovery as soon as possible.

Andrew Smith Tech Supervisor Ocean Breeze Recovery

Andrew Smith
Tech Supervisor

Andrew found his calling in the addiction field a little over a year ago. He has a passion for helping others who are struggling with addiction. Andrew is the Supervisor at Ocean Breeze Recovery West transitional housing for men. The transitional housing program is designed to help those in early recovery transition from treatment back into the world as clean and sober individuals. Andrew began his journey over three years ago. Today he is able to form strong bonds with residents and employees to reach the common goal of long-term sobriety.

Lauren Watkins Tech Supervisor Ocean Breeze Recovery

Lauren Watkins
Tech Supervisor

Lauren came from a Graphic Design background where she studied at Eastern Connecticut State University. She was four-year Varsity Soccer member in college and is currently certified as a personal trainer through WFA. Her personal experience in recovery inspired her to change careers. Lauren joined Ocean Breeze Recovery in 2011 as one of OBR’s Tech Supervisors. She assists with overseeing the residential housing and the client’s day-to-day activities. Lauren takes great pride in helping others find hope and faith in themselves. She continues her drive to support and work with others by assisting with Ocean Breeze Recovery’s alumni meetings and events.

Taylor Rummelt Lead Tech, First Shift Ocean Breeze Recovery

Taylor Rummelt
Lead Tech, First Shift

Taylor is 25 years old and hails from the great state of Michigan. He has been clean and sober since 2011. Taylor struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs for many years. Having coming through Ocean Breeze as a client is now the Lead Tech on the First Shift. Taylor has a passion for helping clients obtain sobriety. Taylor has been an employee with Ocean Breeze Recovery since 2013.

Administrative Professionals

Rhonda Bradley Director of HR, Accounting Ocean Breeze Recovery

Rhonda Bradley
Director of HR, Accounting

Rhonda brings over 30 years of Accounting and Human Resource experience to her position of Controller at Ocean Breeze Recovery, LLC. Rhonda is responsible for overseeing the HR Department and all accounting duties that include financial reporting. As an Iowa native and prior to joining OBR in 2012, her most recent experience was with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Hiawatha, IA. Rhonda has also had extensive experience working with multiple clients in public, government, and retail accounting. Rhonda’s strengths are in handling multi-level projects with great attention to detail. Her inspiration comes from knowing that she is part of a great team that demands compassion for those we strive to heal every day.

Alison Merra HR Coordinator, Pharmacy Coordinator Ocean Breeze Recovery

Alison Merra
HR Coordinator, Pharmacy Coordinator

Alison provides administrative support to the Human Resources Director on all personnel matters. This includes new hire orientation, keeping employee files up to date, and scheduling any required trainings. Alison is also the Pharmacy Coordinator in charge of all copays and pharmacy related issues. With over 13 years of experience in the mental health field she states, “OBR is a very rewarding place to work, seeing clients successes with their addictions is very satisfying and fulfilling.”

Michael Yadgaroff Director of Admissions Ocean Breeze Recovery

Michael Yadgaroff
Director of Admissions

Michael was born and raised in South Florida and is an active member in the recovery community. Michael’s primary purpose at Ocean Breeze Recovery is helping potential clients make a comfortable transition to the proper level of care. This transition can involve logistics such as flight planning, comfortable and safe detox arrangements and reliable transportation for local admits. Michael works closely with families and friends of the still suffering addict. He acts as liaison with detox facilities and hospitals to determine the needs of those seeking treatment. He is available to answer all questions about the treatment program at OBR and any concerns dealing with the admission process. As the director of admissions, Michael manages the Admissions Department, and its 24/7 operations. He interacts with insurance companies daily and can clarify questions regarding coverage to all parties involved.

Robert F Yoder Director of Marketing at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Robert F. Yoder III
Digital Marketing Director

Robert joined the Ocean Breeze team as Digital Marketing Director in early 2014 after relocating from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where he served as IT Project Manager and as an Implementation Consultant for AllScripts Electronic Medical Records. Robert’s personal experience with recovery and a new found desire to help others overcome hurdles in their lives, prompted him to volunteer with the US Navy-Marine Corps Relief Services, counseling active-duty military battling sexual abuse and offering education for suicide prevention.

Robert has over 17 years’ experience in Information Technology and has worked with start-up companies as well as large corporations to define and roll out digital marketing initiatives. A pioneer in the revolution, Robert began his marketing education by acquiring expertise in Yahoo’s Overture Search Marketing in 2000 and also helped kick off Google AdWords as one of the original beta-test marketers. Robert plays an extremely active role in social media marketing. He has a BBA from Jacksonville University and is CCHIT certified (Certification Commission for Health Information Technology).

David Gray Director of Maintenance Ocean Breeze Recovery

David Gray
Director of Maintenance

David Gray is the Director of the Maintenance Department, and has been working in the property management field for over seven years. It is Dave’s responsibility to ensure that all Ocean Breeze properties are clean and in good working order. David also acts as the program safety officer, making sure that all properties are safe and up to date with all safety inspections. David enjoys working in the treatment field because he says, “it is a great feeling to see one of our clients doing well after completing our program.”

Maureen Langshaw, M.A., CMHP, CAP Clinical Director Ocean Breeze Recovery

Maureen Langshaw, M.A., CMHP, CAP

Maureen Langshaw is a native of Jamaica WI where she taught public school for over 10 years. She migrated to the U.S. in the early 1980’s to pursue a career in Counseling Psychology. Maureen’s hope is to inspire others to learn how to be most effective in managing their emotions, life’s problems and turning ongoing issues into solutions and success.

Maureen brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to her role at Ocean Breeze Recovery. Prior to joining Ocean Breeze, Maureen spent more than eight years with Spectrum Programs working with substance abuse clients. In her role at Spectrum, she trained and supervised all counseling staff and oversaw all clinical documentation procedures. Maureen studied at Trinity International University where she received a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Maureen is also a Certified Addiction Professional.

Under the supervision of Maureen’s direction treatment at Ocean Breeze is provided with options for individuals and their families who are looking for that true individualized care that clients need with a low client to staff ratio and a highly qualified clinician team. The clients are given excellent care and individual needs are met. Clients are also introduced to a variety of activities not offered in mainstream treatment. Our clients have high satisfaction rates and their families are gaining the support, education, and encouragement they need throughout the treatment process.