Ricci Robson

Clinical Director

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Ricci Robson explored many early “alternative” avenues, including time spent in a spiritual community, and living on the land while working professionally as an artist in Virginia.  After starting volunteer work as a community mediator,  and as a workshop facilitator, Ricci was persuaded to return to college where she obtained a bachelor’s in mediation and facilitation and went on for a master’s in art therapy, a field that combined her many passions. Her work as an art therapist became part of her repertoire as a primary therapist and eventually as a substance abuse clinician in Virginia and South Florida. Investing many years at Broward Addiction Recovery Center, Ricci learned about the interface between treatment, government and the legal system.

After earning a CAP, and later licensure as an LMHC, Ricci became more engaged in the role management plays in supporting the therapeutic work of the clinical team, serving as a committee chair, among other leadership roles. Perhaps as a function of the early mediation days, Ricci is invested in the process of how organizations work out their problems and realize their own best goals. After Ricci worked for some years as an Admissions Supervisor, the quest to find the right program to promote and support landed her at Ocean Breeze Recovery as the Clinical Director.

Ricci’s vision for OBR maintains many of the same elements from earlier years: support the inherent creative process of clients, staff, and organizations; build the best clinical team possible offering best practices in the substance abuse field and maintain the highest standards possible. No matter whether working from a management perspective or in private practice, Ricci uses the skills developed through ongoing years as an artist to help others find their “inner spark”, their motivation for recovery and positive change.