Steven Pascuzzo, CAC

IOP Therapist

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Steven brings more than 7 years of experience to Ocean Breeze Recovery where he serves as a Primary Counselor. As a Primary Counselor, Steve is responsible for developing an individualized treatment plan based on the each client’s needs. Steve is qualified and adept at identifying the client’s issues that cause them to struggle with addiction. Once identified Steve works tirelessly with the client to help them deal with or overcome these issues. Watching these clients succeed is what drives Steve to continue with his work at Ocean Breeze Recovery. Steve says, “To watch a client learn about themselves and use the tools we give them to maintain sobriety gives me tremendous satisfaction. Just to know that I can use my training to help these clients understand what keeps them in active addiction and to be a small part of their recovery process is what I find satisfying.”

Prior to Ocean Breeze Recovery, Steven worked as Director of Admissions at the Boca House. He also served as Director of the Fellowship Living recovery communities. Steven is currently a Certified Addiction Counselor through the Florida Certification Board.