I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone at Ocean Breeze! When I arrived at the beach, I was greeted by a lot of friendly people willing to go to any length to help me. I spent 5 weeks in the PHP program doing individual and group counseling and attending educational classes. Throughout the process I became more willing to open up about my alcohol addiction, more honest with my feelings and more willing to do whatever it takes for my recovery. The support and guidance I received from the Ocean Breeze staff changed my life. I have attended two other treatment centers and Ocean Breeze, by far, helped me to feel the most comfortable and most accepted of all. The relapse prevention classes helped me understand and become aware of my triggers. The process groups let me express my feelings and emotions daily and realize that I am not alone. Yoga and meditation were a great way to relieve stress and focus on balance and breathing while connecting with my higher power. The staff helped me take care of my legal situation in California and work on the destruction I left behind there which made a huge difference to my stress level. The rejuvenating part of program for me was the beach and pool, bowling, taking walks, going out for lunch, getting my hair and nails done and shopping. I am so very grateful for the opportunity of recovery at Ocean Breeze. I am sober, happy and healthy as I hand my will and my life over to the care of God every day trusting that everything will fall into place when it is time. Thank you OBR.

Kristy M.

My experience with Ocean Breeze and all of the staff there was incredible. The concern, the level of care and the learning and growth I experienced really took me by surprise. I never knew treatment could be so much fun and I was very grateful to spend so much time by the beach. The staff of Ocean Breeze truly inspired me to do whatever it takes not to return to the misery I was once in.

Daniel B.

I am really excited about what happened for me at OBR. I have been involved in another residential rehab program in the past and I feel the groups and classes at Ocean Breeze were far superior. I got a lot of information and guidance from everyone there. Participation in AA was great and I realize now that I must continue to be involved in a 12-step program where I can be held accountable and be around other recovering alcoholics. Thank you Ocean Breeze!

Glenn T.

Before I went to Ocean Breeze I knew nothing about AA, journalism, or meditation. Now they are all a part of my daily life in recovery. The most important thing I learned during my treatment was how my mindset, behaviors, attitudes and negative beliefs all fed into my alcoholism. Ocean Breeze gave me a lot of tools to help me start to change and manage all these parts of me which are extremely helpful now that I’m home and back at work.

John W.