Psychodrama Therapy for Substance Abuse

When people come to a drug and alcohol rehab facility to begin drug treatment, they often come when they are at their lowest point in their lives. Years of chronic substance abuse has broken them physically, psychologically and spiritually. Through an intensive and structured treatment program, many addicts and alcoholics look to address the deepest roots of their addiction and get the tools they need to create a new life filled with the all-around peace and serenity that comes with lifelong sobriety. While many drug rehabs feature drug treatment programming that is effective, those services may not fully address a client’s deepest needs.

Different Approaches are Necessary in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many drug treatment facilities nationwide understand that a “one size fits all” approach is not effective in giving clients what they need to fully overcome their drug and alcohol abuse. To address those concerns, these facilities are adopting different treatment services that are “outside the box” of conventional treatment models. One such service is psychodrama therapy, and like other holistic-based therapies, it provides a safe and creative outlet for addicts to work through their issues. If you would like to learn more about psychodrama therapy, the experienced representatives at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center can answer any and all of your questions. Call us toll-free today at 1-855-960-5341.

What is Psychodrama Therapy for Drug Addiction?

While psychodrama therapy may be a concept that is new to many people, it actually has been in practice for decades and used in a variety of therapeutic situations. Psychodrama therapy was conceived and developed by psychiatrist Jacob Moreno in the 1930’s and is a creative therapy approach that uses guided drama and role-playing to work through problems. By implementing a combination of group dynamics, role playing, and various other experiential techniques, psychodrama therapy in drug treatment offers those new to recovery the ability to gain a better perspective on the width and breadth of their inner emotional experiences and conflicts.

Psychodrama also helps clients in a drug treatment setting to nurture and further develop their emotional and physical well-being. Additionally, psychodrama therapy for drug addiction builds and strengthens cognitive and behavioral skills through active participation. As with more traditional therapy types, psychodrama therapy can be applied in group or individual settings and focuses on helping a client achieve maximum personal enlightenment and healing.

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What are the Components of Psychodrama Therapy at Our Florida Addiction Treatment Program?

Psychodrama therapy in unique in the fact there are several essential components in which group participation is key. These components are as follows:

  • The Protagonist: The protagonist is the person or people who are selected to represent the topic, theme or emotion in the drama.
  • Auxiliary egos: Assigned to group members who will assume the roles of significant others in the particular drama that will be acted out.
  • Audience: Members of the group who will witness the drama and represent the world at large.
  • Stage: The actual physical space in which the drama is conducted.
  • Director: The director is the trained psychiatrist (or psycho-dramatist) who will guide all participants through each phase of the “play”.

Psychodrama is carried out in three distinct stages. The first stage is the warm-up stage in which the overall theme is selected and the main protagonist or protagonists are selected. These “main actors” will represent a certain addiction issue or emotion. The second phase of the process is the action stage and the issue or problem is acted out and the protagonist will explore different ways of resolving that specific issue. The last stage is the sharing stage in which the entire group is invited to express how the specific issue that was acted out impacts their lives.

As with other therapy techniques, psychodrama therapy also has variations that can be added for further exploration of issues. For example, soliloquy is a psychodrama technique in which any group member can speak their mind as the re-enactment is happening in real time. Another variation of psychodrama therapy that can be utilized is role reversal in which the protagonist will switch roles with another group member who is part of the re-enactment. Additionally, there will be times that the director might express what he/she imagines the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings to be, which is known in psychodrama therapy as doubling.

The Benefits of Psychodrama in Addiction Treatment

When it is utilized, psychodrama therapy in a drug treatment setting can be an extremely powerful experience. Psychodrama is an active, creative time of therapy much like music therapy or art therapy, that is very interactive and can provide an empowering alternative to more traditional talk therapy methods. There are numerous significant benefits that psychodrama therapy has on clients who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. First, this technique can help clients improve their relationships with others and it helps build healthy interpersonal communication skills. Secondly, acting out specific issues and problems can help clients address and move past things like grief and loss which are big reasons why people turn to substances.

Psychodrama therapy also allows participants to express their feelings in an environment which is safe, secure and non-judgmental. Ultimately, psychodrama therapy allows all who participate to express new ways of thinking and acting and also allows them the chance to put into practice new coping skills which they will need when they complete drug treatment and transition back into their normal family, work and school routines.

Psychodrama Therapy: A Powerful Tool To Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you or a loved one is seeking drug treatment, you want a drug and alcohol rehab that features a wide variety of treatment services that will give you the best chance of achieving and maintaining sobriety. The psychodrama therapy program offered at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center is a powerful tool that can truly help you dig deep into the roots of your addiction and give you the confidence to move forward in your recovery. Call us today at 1-855-960-5341 and begin your recovery journey.


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