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While the national spotlight has focused on the rising epidemic of addiction to drugs such as heroin and prescription pills, alcohol abuse still remains the most abused drug in the United States. It may not get the current attention as other drugs may get, but the consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are still significant. While many people who abuse alcohol may not feel they have a problem, chronic use of this drug can cause severe physical and psychological damage. Not only does alcoholism affect the user, it also severely impacts their family, friends and other loved ones.

Those Who Struggle with Alcohol Addiction Need Immediate Help

For those who struggle with their alcohol use, it is extremely important they find professional help as soon as possible. For those who think they can quit on their own, they can experience severe complications that have the potential to threaten their life. While alcohol treatment will provide the tools and support that are needed for the alcoholic to fully address and overcome their addiction, the search to find the perfect treatment program that will fit their unique needs can feel overwhelming.

A popular treatment option that can provide great benefit to the alcoholic and their family is outpatient alcohol treatment. If you would like more information on how an outpatient alcohol rehab program can help you or a loved one break the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction, call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center toll-free at 1-855-960-5341 right now. Our member representatives are available around the clock to answer all questions regarding outpatient alcohol rehab as well as all of our other treatment options.

What is an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Center?

Outpatient alcohol treatment features allow patients to receive intensive therapy and individualized treatment services while being able to still live at home. Also known as day treatment programs, people who decide on outpatient alcohol treatment will undergo and experience the intense and firm structure of therapy and programming that is found in inpatient alcohol treatment programs or long-term alcohol treatment, but they are able to do so either during daytime or evening hours when their family, work or school schedule allows. Outpatient treatment is an extremely versatile treatment model and can be used in two major ways.

Since medical detoxification is not a requirement for entry into an outpatient alcohol rehab program, it can be the perfect aftercare program option for those who have just completed inpatient alcohol treatment. Additionally, outpatient alcohol treatment programs also would be of great benefit to those whose alcohol abuse issues don’t require treatment in an inpatient treatment setting.  Is outpatient alcohol treatment right for you? Call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center at 1-855-960-5341.

What Types of Services are Offered at Ocean Breeze Recovery?

When you explore the treatment services that are offered at a day treatment program for alcohol abuse, you will find that outpatient alcohol treatment programs are very similar in nature to inpatient or any other alcohol rehab program. First and foremost, outpatient alcohol programs feature individual and group therapies that are drawn from a variety therapy approaches and can be modified to address your own unique and specific needs. You will be able to work through your own underlying issues, and you will be able to receive feedback and support from others who are going through similar experiences.

Outpatient alcohol treatment programs also feature dual diagnosis evaluation and treatment. Many professionals who focus on addiction and recovery view substance abuse as a symptom of a more deeply rooted psychological problem such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. For those who may be dealing with alcohol abuse and a co-occurring mental disorder, they may sink deeper into their alcohol addiction and experience more dire consequences unless they receive treatment that is able to address their deeper underlying issues. Dual diagnosis evaluation and treatment is an important part of outpatient alcohol rehab. With the appropriate interventions by treatment staff, those who struggle with alcohol abuse and addiction can get the necessary mental health help they desperately need. With that additional help and support, a client’s chances of a meaningful long-term recovery dramatically increase.

Another important facet of outpatient alcohol rehab is life and coping skills training. Life and coping skills are an absolute must in order to meet your necessary daily obligations while working your individual plan of recovery. As part of a comprehensive outpatient alcohol treatment program, you will learn the following life and coping skills:

  • Creating a healthy daily schedule
  • Work with a financial planner on basic money management and budgeting
  • Work with an employment coach to gain meaningful employment, learn how to interview and learn how to write resumes
  • Build healthy and effective interpersonal skills

Most importantly, outpatient alcohol rehab programs emphasize relapse prevention education. Clients will learn to identify those triggers that can lead to relapse and learn to implement strategies to minimize their effects. Through a variety of workshops, lectures, and classes,  clients also learn the importance of continued and active participation in 12-step or other similar sober support groups. For those who complete an outpatient treatment program, they can further strengthen their recovery by taking part in an alumni program. This additional peer support can help minimize the chance of relapse. Those who attend outpatient treatment will learn to recognize the signs in each of these areas and be able to utilize techniques to address these issues before they grow worse and can eventually lead back to an active use of alcohol.

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Outpatient alcohol treatment programs for substance abuse have the structure and encouragement you need to effectively work through your alcohol addiction while being flexible enough to allow you to uphold your personal commitments. If you or a loved one want to know more about our outpatient alcohol treatment programs, call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center toll free at 1-855-960-5341. With our unique holistic approach and wide array of treatment services, our experienced staff can create a treatment plan that can target your particular needs and give you the tools you need to confidently step into your new recovery-based lifestyle. Call now!

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