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Alcohol Rehab in Parkland

The consumption of alcohol is a practice that’s occurred frequently in the history of the United States. In recent times, however, it has increased dramatically. Whether it’s stress or other factors, there’s no denying what it does to the population. Parkland, Florida, which is located in northern Broward County, has also seen its fair share of substance abuse. Only nicotine and caffeine are abused more than alcohol. Addiction in the area is becoming a severe problem.

Parkland Alcohol Rehab Statistics

In 2018, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) released a survey about national drinking habits that shed light on the drinking habits of Americans. A staggering 86 percent of respondents admitted to consuming alcohol at some point in their life, while another 26 percent binge drank in the previous month. 

Addiction can ruin your life socially and financially, and cause you to lose friends and family. Those in Parkland must pay attention to their drinking habits since there has been a spike in alcohol abuse in recent years.

An estimated 25 percent of those who sought treatment in Broward County admitted alcohol was the reason for getting help in 2016. Additionally, nearly 50 percent of all drug-related deaths in the state involved alcohol.

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Substances Commonly Abused with Alcohol

Those who use alcohol with other depressant drugs like opioids are more likely to overdose than those who use these drugs without alcohol. No matter the reason, it’s dangerous to combine drugs, which could have fatal outcomes.

When you combine two depressants, they can increase the effects of one another and slow one’s breathing to the point of suffocation. Even if you drink a small amount of alcohol and use a low dose of opioids, you are still at risk of devastating results. 

The most common drugs that are mixed are alcohol and cocaine. Cocaine is used to counteract the drowsy side effects brought on by the depressant, while alcohol keeps the person from feeling too “speedy” from the stimulant effects of cocaine.

When someone uses these two drugs at the same time, it can cause them not to feel the alcohol and use more cocaine. This can lead to alcohol poisoning or lead someone to use too much of the powder and overdose.

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Florida’s Alcohol Rehab History and Rankings

Florida has held a significant place in the field of substance abuse recovery when it comes to addiction treatment in the United States. Since the 1970s, the Florida Model for addiction treatment has saved many lives with a stepped approach that places clients in a level of care that is  specific to their needs. Drug and alcohol rehabs in the state understand that if you don’t find a program tailored to your needs, you’ll likely end up relapsing and potentially succumbing to addiction. 

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a complex disease that changes the way the brain works. When someone develops a chemical dependence on a drug, it becomes their motivation in life to get more. Drug and alcohol rehab uses techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change negative, self-defeating behaviors and replace them with healthy ones to help people overcome their battle with alcohol.


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