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Drug Addiction: 6 Reasons to Quit Now

There are probably over a million different reasons why stopping the use of drugs is vitally important.

From the obvious adverse health effects to the more abstract reasons, there truly are several different reasons to quit while one’s ahead. But because of the millions upon millions of reasons to quit drugs surmount, it often masks the more important underlying issue as to the reason to quit.

With all the many reasons to quit, it often overlays the more important reasons to quit.

The following list is comprised of the most important reasons as to why quitting drug use now, is detrimentally important.

6. Healthier and Reenergized

Health is an attribute that many people hear, but fail to really appreciate the implications it has for the rest of the body. Even speaking generally, most people who end an addiction of any sort, almost always talk about the difference in health, most notably is how sleep is affected.

One of the most reported effects is more sleep.

Once the body is hydrated and able to deal with the stressors of life, the difference on the individual is like night and day many believe.

5. More Money

more money spent

This is usually noticed fairly quickly with those who decide to quit using drugs or alcohol outright.

If one were to monitor the impact monetarily that an addiction of drugs has, it typically becomes bluntly visible to all eyes looking at the data.

Drug and alcohol addictions are extremely expensive relative to what is eventually taken out of it, which is enormous minuet.

These types of addictions wouldn’t be so destructive on the income of the individual if it wasn’t an addiction in the first place. Addiction by its nature is life altering. Because an addiction never lets up, users of drugs and alcohol tend to only feed the addiction, all while making the addiction bigger, creating a never ending cycle.

This cycle that drugs built, is at its very foundation supplied my money. Money is no longer spent willingly, but forcefully.

4. Different Environment

One of the most underrated effects of quitting drugs or alcohol is the immediate difference in both physical and emotional scenery.

What happens to many addicts is a world that is created by themselves and perpetuated by the people they choose to be around.

This is not to say however that it doesn’t happen with other groups, even unrelated to that of substance abuse. But because one group indulges in mind-altering agents, the effects will be dramatically different between the two. Addicts, and the groups that they create around them of other addicts, perpetuate a cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, that is further established through a sense of family surrounding it.

In many different addict circles the ones not actively engaged in the types of drug use, are mostly ostracized in the end, ousting them from the others. So the culture created within that circle will then require the use of drugs almost as a requirement.

What many different addicts don’t realize, is just how toxic that atmosphere can be. In most circles such as a sport club, the members of it aren’t physiologically tied to the group, but tied ideologically, which is easily changed. But in drug addiction circles, those ties run much deeper than many even understand.

In a sense, it could be said that those afflicted with addiction to drugs or alcohol, are just held hostage by a force stronger than them. That force, forcing them into a situation they probably don’t want to be in in the first place.

3. Prevent Lifelong Damages

Often overlooked in order to address more immediate problems, the lasting long term effects of drugs can often be irreversible and monumentally devastating.

It’s uncontroversial to say that some substances are much more destructive than others, but that the damages caused are only relative to death.

Nearly all substances if consumed for a long enough time will have irreversible damage done to one or many different organ systems in the body. Take alcohol as an example.

After years of excessive use, and even just months after heavy daily use, alcohol leaves behind a trail of destruction that the human body seldom recovers from.

From its first introduction into the human body through the esophagus, alcohol (whose main chemical components are the baser forms of ethanol and methanol) quickly begins to be absorbed lightly into the bloodstream. Eventually, it will all get recycled after passing through the entire body with the chemical.

All this just from the esophagus.

Once alcohol reaches the stomach, this will be the second most destructed area in which it’ll pass through. In the stomach, alcohol will then be absorbed into the stomach lining. Just by the sheer nature of the chemical makeup of alcohol, since it’s an outside substance, the body will react negatively to it.

Although if done sporadically and rarely, it’ll unlikely have any long lasting effects, but the habitual use of alcohol in a matter of years will eventually tear through the stomach lining in certain place creating stomach ulcers, and in rare cases stomach lining tears. If not dealt with soon enough it can then progress to the point surgery might be needed if untreated.

Alas, with the introduction of alcohol is the very well known pancreas and liver damage that can happen, which for chronic alcoholism nearly always reaches some level of cancer. By the nature of introducing an outside substance into the body, the human body by its very DNA will never become accustomed to alcohol, which if it’s come across so often, it’s only a matter of time till it mutates our DNA, creating cancer.

2. Thinking Clearly

Unfortunately, this is most probably the least talked about and most influential aspect of why one should quit using drugs.

Everything that we are, from the thoughts circulating in our heads, to the attitudes we have, are all controlled by a supercomputer called the human brain. In terms of materialism, it is the most expensive, most important, and least understood object in our observable universe, yet we know almost nothing about it. However, when it comes to our brain, we know what fuel it uses and how easy it can be tinkered with.

Drugs and alcohol, who by their definition are mind altering substances change the whole dynamic of the brain. Changing the dynamic of something so complex is almost incomprehensible once one understands the importance of the brain.

There are many who believe that once drugs affect an individual enough, it will then lead to them making even more bad decisions relating to the addiction which afflicts them. This might even explain why there seems to be a spiral downwards once one starts to dabble in different drugs because their level of comprehension is altered and their mind a clouded maze.

After a medically supervised detox and if needed treatment, many different addicts talk about a bliss after treatment. Some even refer to this time as the individual having “delusions of grandeur”. This all happens because the addict finally has a solid moment where the ability to think is not impaired. Where they are finally able to see things and analyze the world around them.

If one imagines a moment of waking up from the best sleep imaginable, refreshed and reenergized, to last for days on end would be, while a poor example, a more accurate portrayal of the situation given the restriction of using words to describe it.

1. Mending Broken Relationships

Sometimes the people who suffer the most, with the addict completely oblivious, are their very family and friends.

Many times those looking outside into a drug or alcohol addiction can almost immediately tell the changes it has on the body.

If yourself or a loved might be suffering, help is a phone call or click away.


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