A Guide to Addiction Recovery for Christians

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For those people who are seeking treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction, their search for the treatment programming and options that fit their individual and unique needs can be a challenge. In addition to trying to find the treatment facilities that offer the best in counseling, therapy and aftercare programs, there are some addicts who are seeking something deeper and more meaningful in their recovery journey. For those who have strong Christian backgrounds, the 12 Step framework of many rehab facilities programs may not provide enough of a spiritual foundation they need to help them overcome their addiction.

Therefore, it becomes important for those with deep Christian values to find a treatment facility which offers programming that is geared towards their faith and their recovery.

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The Importance of Christian-Based Addition Recovery

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For those with Christian backgrounds, finding treatment and pursuing a spiritual-based recovery is important to restore their physical and spiritual well-being. For people who fall into this category, they are seeking alcohol and drug treatment in order to renew or establish a new connection with a spiritual power. Before addiction took power, they may have had a strong connection with God, but through a series of events they lost their conscious connection to the God of their understanding. For those who may seek treatment at a Christian-based recovery, they may also come from a background where they were never taught or had an awareness of a higher power.

There are two main benefits seen in undergoing an addiction recovery program that is Christ-centered. First, these programs operate from the same spiritual values that the addict holds. This will help those addicted to drugs and alcohol get the necessary support and encouragement  they need as they seek help with their substance abuse issues. Those attending Christian addiction recovery programs are able to be open with staff about their religious concerns as well as their basic psychological and physical needs.

The second advantage of attending a Christian-based recovery facility is that those new to the recovery process will find others in the program that hold similar beliefs and values. Those in Christ-based addiction recovery programs will be able to form friendships and engage in fellowship with other believers who are going through the same experiences. This will help strengthen the recovering addict’s faith and allows them to realize that many people who believe in God struggle with addiction. Additionally, those who are in these types of drug and alcohol programs can also support and inspire others who are going through the program.

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Your Guide to Finding Addiction Recovery Programs For Christians

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In your search for an addiction recovery program that emphasizes Christian beliefs and values, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you do your research. First and foremost, these treatment facilities have a framework that is based on Christian 12-Step principles. While traditional 12-step principles do touch on spirituality and finding God or the concept of a “higher power” of your understanding. Christian 12-step based recovery program integrate Scripture into step work. This helps to reinforce a strong sense of spirituality and connection to God into the recovery process.

The following is also unique to Christian-based addiction recovery:

  • Individual counseling, that addresses the shame, guilt and forgiveness common in addiction.
  • Primary group counseling sessions which are led by a Christ-centered and trained counselor.
  • Regular bible study to help clients explore God’s Word and apply God’s teaching to recovery.
  • Attendance at local church services to build fellowship and community.
  • Christian-based family counseling and therapy that helps the family unit heal as a whole.

While these unique features should be present in the addiction treatment programs you are looking for, you should not forget that the best Christian addiction recovery programs also feature those essential services that all treatment centers have. These key services include medical detoxification, options for both inpatient and outpatient treatment based on need, evaluations for dual diagnosis, life and  coping skills training, relapse prevention teaching, as well as quality aftercare programs.

Are There Support Groups Available That Focus on Christian-Based Addiction Recovery?

While finding a treatment center that specializes in Christian-based addiction recovery is an important key in long-term recovery, what happens when you leave treatment and re-enter your busy daily life? The triggers and temptations of addiction can be found everywhere in your environment, and you want to be sure that you get the support and encouragement you need to stay strong in your faith as well as your recovery. While 12-step and other similar sober support groups can be solid options, there are Christian-based recovery groups that can help you stay the course. If you are looking for such a support group, you can contact the National Association for Christian Recovery (NACR).

This organization lists all the available Christian addiction support groups that are available nationwide. Some examples of these groups include Alcoholics for Christ, Christians United Against Addiction, Celebrate Recovery, Recovery in Christ Ministries and Reformers Unanimous to name a few. The counselors and staff at your treatment facility should be able to point you in the direction you need to go, and they may even know of local groups which you can join.

Having Trouble Finding A Christian-Based Recovery Program? Call Ocean Breeze for Recovery

If you need to find addiction recovery that will strengthen your Christian faith, call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center today. Our Christian drug rehab center offers spiritual help and teachings from the Bible for people who acknowledge Christ as their Savior and are seeking God’s help and using Him to embark upon the path of spiritual and physical recovery. Our caring, professional and experienced staff will be able to design a treatment program that perfectly fits you in your journey towards sobriety and enlightenment.

Call us today and reclaim your faith, your health, and your life.

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