People sometimes forget that addiction is a human disease, if not already, a worldwide disease. Celebrities are no different. The following is a list of 5 celebrities who overcame crippling addiction.

These 5 celebrities have overcome drug addiction.

5. Robert Downey Jr.


From the age of 8 and under a drug addicted father, Robert Downey started consuming copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, which further developed into his 20’s. At first, his consumption was only limited to after and outside work, until he began filming for Less Than Zero. In the film he played a flamboyant drug addict, and sadly he kept the act going well after the film ended. Add that to his arrest for drug charges which led him to jail in 1999. After his time in jail, he finally received help. Aside from the recovery centers, he also credits his wife heavily for helping him stay on the right path.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis


It’s June 25th, 2009 and lying unconscious on a bed in an extravagant mansion in Los Angeles is a world famous artist, whose death leads Jamie Lee Curtis to a surreal realization. The man is Michael Jackson and his death led to a coming out of sorts for Curtis’s history of addiction. In her blog written to the Huffington Post “The morphine becomes the war bath from which to escape painful reality” she writes about her feelings regarding the death of Michael Jackson. After his death, she publicized her seek for help, encouraging those still in the closet to do the same.

3. Bob Dylan


March 1966, well after the crowds of maddening fans and the stage died down to a dull roar, behind the curtain an interview was being conducted. This interview wouldn’t be heard for decades to come. In this interview with his friend Robert Sheldon, Bob Dylan talks about his heroin addiction and how he kicked the habit when he was in New York City. He also mentions how “I had about a $25-a-day habit and I kicked it.” To put that into perspective by adjusting for inflation, that would be about $183 in 2016.

Since then to his later age of 74, he has remained sober unfalteringly.

2. Drew Barrymore


From her start as a child star at the age of 9, according to a People magazine article from 1989, Barrymore began experimenting with first alcohol and marijuana before eventually moving on over to more destructive drugs. By age 13, she had already undergone treatment twice. Fortunately, later in life after another drug crisis, she checked herself into another recovery center which succeeded thoroughly. Now a mother of one, she has remained sober for nearly a decade.

1. Ben Affleck


The 2 time Academy Award winner and 3 time Golden Globe Winner film giant, Ben Affleck, first admitted his alcohol addiction in late 2001, where he felt it getting in the way of his success. Years after he married Jennifer Garner, and after 2 children, he relapsed back into addiction which ultimately lead to a divorce. However, the tides have changed and while the divorce is still final, they both agreed to help and readmit him, to which he is now sober and clean.

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