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Cell Phones Rehab: Should We Lift the Ban on Mobile Devices?

Cell phone rehab seems to be a part of the treatment process. It’s already quite a change to escape normal day-to-day life, but to also have a cell phone taken away can be very overwhelming. Most treatment centers have a cell phone ban, but some are considering changing this common policy. Before this decision is made, it is important to ask what are some of the benefits of getting away from the cellular world in the beginning of recovery? How can sticking with a phone during this time affect one’s treatment?

How Cell Phones Affect Us

According to Medical Daily, cell phones have a few adverse effects that may affect incoming clients in a not-so-healthy way. Given that new clients are at their most sensitive state, it is important to get rid of any possible triggers so that the recovery process can begin and carry on.

For one, cell phones can negatively affect one’s emotions. They can disconnect people from society and lead to cell phone isolation, which is the opposite of what is necessary for a new client. For recovery to flourish, connection with others and one’s self must be nourished. For far too long, addicts isolate themselves with drugs and alcohol, which represses one’s emotions and a person’s natural connection to the world. This can psychologically harm a person whether they realize it or not.

Not banning cell phones also can cause another form of isolation from the outside world where a client is on their phone all the time, which can also be overwhelming for a client. Luckily, treatment centers have all the tools to deal with this.

Cell phones also provide added stress to a client due to the fact that a lot of drug and alcohol using buddies and dealers’ numbers are most likely still saved on their cell phones. The purpose of treatment is not only to gain coping skills and tools that can combat the disease of addiction, but it is also there to give a client a much-needed break from their using environment and the people in it.

Why Lift a Cell Phone Ban?

If a treatment center monitors cell phone use while also going through a client’s phone—ridding it of any possible triggers—lifting this ban might not be so bad. Possible set times where a client is allowed to use their cell phone can also prove to be beneficial as opposed to being without a phone for 45 days and then all of a sudden having it. This can be overwhelming, and it actually might increase stress levels in any person, especially someone new to recovery. This also establishes structure into the former chaotic life of active addiction.

Clients can also learn how to live in society as a normal person, which can possibly benefit them after leaving drug treatment. All in all, every treatment center deals with cell phones differently. Nonetheless, it is important to understand how cell phones can affect early recovery to thrive in a healthy manner during life after abusing alcohol and drugs.

Do You Have an Addiction Problem?

Cell phones or not, addiction is a massive problem affecting thousands and thousands of people in the United States and the world. Abusing drugs and alcohol can be a lonely place, but you are never alone. With 21.5 million Americans struggling with addiction in 2014, now more than ever is the perfect time to get help. Here at Ocean Breeze Recovery, we want to help you stand on your own two feet without the use of drugs. For help into our treatment center or to have any questions answered, please call our drugs and alcohol experts 24-7 at (866) 563-0736.


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