Many addicts struggle with accepting their disease and the reality of their alcohol and drug dependency. Drug and alcohol addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing disease in which those afflicted have a physical and psychological compulsion to consume alcohol and/or drugs. Despite the comprehensive and profound effects that the disease of addiction can have on a person, addiction tends to affect every addict in an individual way. As such, there’s no single treatment that will work best for everything, which makes it necessary for those who suffer from addiction to learn what different programs have to offer so that each addict can find the program that best fits his or her needs. However, once addicts accept their affliction and choose to seek treatment, many addicts feel overwhelmed at the prospect of narrowing down a preferred treatment facility from the many thousands of addiction treatment centers that exist.

Florida is known throughout the United States—and some might say even the world—for having one of the highest densities of addiction treatment and recovery facilities within a single designated area. For this reason, Florida remains popular among individuals who suffer from addiction due to the sheer volume and extensive selection of recovery programs that Florida has to offer. There are a wealth of inpatient and residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare services, sober living facilities and halfway houses as well as a large and very active recovery community, providing those who come to Florida for addiction treatment with an ever-present support network consisting of other recovered addicts who have chosen to remain in Florida upon completion of their initial treatment programs.

However, there’s a drawback to there being such a high volume of addiction treatment centers in Florida: With so many programs to choose from, how is someone to decide which recovery center and addiction treatment program is best for their individual needs? This is a very common question, but the good news is that Ocean Breeze Recovery has been able to identify the key criteria that make identifying the most effective and high-quality program for each addict’s treatment needs possible. Here’s how each addict who chooses to come to Florida for alcohol and drug addiction treatment can ensure he or she chooses the best Florida rehab for them.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Program?

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Of the criteria that can be used to help an individual select a treatment center, one of the most essential is whether the individual intends to participate in a residential-type inpatient treatment program or whether he or she would prefer an outpatient program. It’s been found that the more severe and longer term the addiction, the more intense form of treatment the individual need in order to be successful in recovery; in other words, those who have been physically dependent on alcohol or drugs for a long period of time should consider an inpatient program in which the addict lives on-site in the facility for the duration of treatment. Inpatient residential treatment programs offer 24-hour monitoring and supervision as the individual recovers in a safe, comfortable environment. These programs also have a much more intensive treatment curriculum with things like individual and group counseling, skills-building, and other such activities scheduled on a daily basis.

On the other hand, an outpatient program offers more flexibility than an inpatient or residential program as the recovering addict is permitted to continue living at home while commuting to the facility for treatment. Outpatient programs can often be tailored around an individual’s existing responsibilities and schedule, which is often ideal for those who need addiction treatment while continuing with obligations such as employment or being a parent or caretaker. Additionally, there are many intensive outpatient programs available that seek to provide treatment intensity that’s more on-par with that of an inpatient program while still allowing some level of flexibility.

Better yet would be to choose an addiction treatment facility that offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer clients a variety of treatment options so that those in need can participate in the program that will provide the greatest benefit. We offer inpatient addiction rehab, intensive outpatient addiction rehab, outpatient treatment, as well as an alumni program to promote continued success.

The Best Florida Addiction Treatment Program

Once an individual has decided whether an inpatient or outpatient program would best fit their individual needs, it’s important to look at some of the additional components and features that each addiction treatment facility offers. One component to consider is the location. Although Florida is known for its almost 700 miles of luxurious sandy beaches, some individuals might prefer a facility that’s located a little further inland, but while still offering a tropical and subtropical climate; on the other hand, there are a plethora of facilities that are in oceanside communities such as Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach. It’s been suggested that many individuals benefit from the tranquil and serene beach environment, from the surplus of Florida sunshine, and from the many outdoor activities the area has to offer.

It’s important that individuals consider some of the resources that a facility has to offer through the various stages of recovery. For individuals who have been in long-term severe addiction, a detox period may be necessary prior to beginning an initial treatment program. Addicts entering recovery should also plan for post-treatment maintenance and aftercare as part of the treatment program selection process; for example, if an individual feels as though he or she would need a sober living facility or halfway house upon completion of an inpatient program in order to have a more gradual transition back into society, then that individual should prepare for that phase of recovery by finding the appropriate facility with adequate accommodations. Individuals in need of treatment for a dual diagnosis should also take that into consideration when selecting a Florida rehab.

There are also a number of additional amenities or perks that facilities can offer in order to make recovery more comfortable. At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer a number of accommodations for our clients, which include chiropractic care, massage therapy, an on-site nutritionist, a fitness and wellness center, transportation around the community, beach meditation and relaxation, and a variety of recreational activities such as bowling and volleyball.

Treating Addiction at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Like many Florida addiction treatment centers, we offer our clients a treatment system in which they graduate through progresses phases of treatment beginning with inpatient residential treatment (Phase I), transitioning through intensive outpatient treatment (Phase II), and continue with outpatient treatment (Phase III) and participation in our alumni program. It’s our goal to make each individual’s stay at Ocean Breeze Recovery a highly personalized, comfortable, and successful treatment experience.
If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, call Ocean Breeze Recovery today so we can discuss treatment options and end the lonely struggle again this life-threatening disease.

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