Crack Addiction Recovery: How to Stop Smoking Crack Cocaine

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Ever since it first appeared on the scene in the 1980s, crack cocaine has been a nationwide epidemic due, for the most part, to the speed with which an individual that consumes the drug can become dependent. Whether or not crack is as physically addictive as opiates are has been hotly debated and is the subject of much contention among addiction and substance abuse professionals. However, smoking the freebase form of cocaine, which has been called “crack” due to the popping noise it makes when smoked, gives users an intense, short-lived high that’s followed by an equally intense low during which the individual will immediately begin to crave more crack in order to sustain the high. This is one of the characteristics of the abuse of crack cocaine that makes it so dangerous; the “crash” leads to powerful cravings for more of the drug, causing users to go to great lengths in order to procure more of the drug. At this stage, the safest way to get off crack is to enter into a crack addiction recovery program.

With the crack epidemic still being a concern nationwide, it’s important for individuals to be educated about the effects and dangers of smoking crack as well as how to recover from dependence to crack cocaine. It’s a drug that can create powerful urges that can take hold of users on a profound level, causing them to put themselves in danger not on due to the actual drug consumption, but also due to the situations those who smoke crack put themselves into in order to obtain more of the drug. Here are some of the dangers of smoking crack and how individuals who have an addiction or dependence on the drug can regain their sobriety through crack addiction recovery programs at Ocean Breeze Recovery.

How to Get off Crack

Psychological Dependence to Crack Cocaine

A trait that’s unique to crack cocaine relative to other types of drugs like opiates and hallucinogens is that it’s not typically considered physically addictive. A smokable form of the stimulant cocaine, the addiction experienced by individuals who smoke crack experience isn’t a physical dependence to the drug, but rather a psychological addiction due to the drug’s ability to provide an intense high.

Studies have actually found that only between 10 and 20 percent of individuals who smoke crack regularly can be considered addicted; the low rate of crack addiction is due to the majority of users have other activities in which they can engage that provide them with pleasure, whether that entails a preference for some other substance or a more healthy, productive activity that doesn’t involve substance abuse. In fact, this is thought to be why smoking crack became most common in impoverished urban areas where individuals couldn’t afford or had no access to other means of pleasure and purpose.

However, since crack cocaine isn’t considered physically addictive, individuals who attend an addiction treatment program for crack addiction recovery are generally able to skip the detox period since there are no physical withdrawal symptoms when an individual suddenly ceases their crack consumption. Instead of a detox phase, many times individuals who have entered treatment for crack abuse will sleep for several days since smoking crack often leads to “binges” where the crack will keep them from sleeping for several consecutive days. On the other hand, relapse tends to be most common among addicts who have recovered from dependence on crack cocaine since the drug has such an intense effect on the brain and an individual’s psychology.

How to stop smoking crack

Effects of Smoking Crack Cocaine

Since crack is the freebase form of cocaine, smoking crack produces many of the effects for which cocaine is known, but in shorter and more intense bursts. As a stimulant, crack cocaine increases the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and causes contracted blood vessels throughout the body. Immediately upon smoking crack, the user will experience a marked increase in alertness that diminishes any need for sleep for quite some time after consumption as well as a loss of appetite, occasionally erratic or bizarre behavior, paranoia and anxiety, hyperexcitability, and an increased rate of breathing. Visually, individuals who have just smoked crack will have large, dilated pupils and will oftentimes be sweating due to increased body temperature.

There are also a number of long-term effects that smoking crack has been known to cause. Due to its strong effect on blood pressure and heart rate, individuals who smoke crack are at increased risk of damage to the blood vessels throughout the body, but particularly those in the brain and ears, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and even death. Smoking crack cocaine has also caused damage to the liver, kidneys, and lungs while putting individuals at risk for conditions like sexual dysfunction or damage to reproductive organs, malnutrition, respiratory failure, severe tooth decay, depression and other mood disturbances, disorientation, severe chest pains, hallucinations and psychosis, and much more.

recovery cta

Crack Addiction Recovery at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Since there are no physical withdrawal symptoms that occur during crack addiction recovery, many individuals have attempted to kick the addiction on their own without the help of a crack rehab program. However, as crack cocaine is an intense drug with intense effects, the most success will be had by participating in a more intensive recovery program. An inpatient or residential treatment program that removes the individual from circumstances that allowed the addiction to develop and flourish is an important part of the process of recovery, allowing an individual to concentrate on their rehabilitation without the temptation to relapse. During this time, individuals will receive an addiction education with which they can identify their addiction triggers so those triggers can be avoided once they return home after completion of the inpatient program.

Treatment programs are great ways for recovering addicts to foster a sense of fellowship and community with other individuals in recovery. The community of individuals in recovery is a key component to treatment of crack addiction as it provides a strong, extensive support network throughout the recovery process. There are also a number of 12-step and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which provide individuals with a network of other experienced recovered addicts who can help those individuals in the process of rehabilitation come to terms with their addiction, work to overcome it, and sustain their sobriety.

If you or a loved one is in need of crack addiction recovery or treatment for some other substance, contact us at Ocean Breeze Recovery today by calling 855-960-5341. Overcoming a crack addiction is not easy, but we can provide the tools needed to get clean and remain sober through treatment, aftercare, and beyond.



Alyssa Harbina
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Alyssa has been working in the addiction treatment field for three years, and has worked with Delphi Behavioral Health for a year and a half. Throughout most of her life, she’s dabbled in creative writing. Now she’s able to combine her passion for writing with her desire to help addicts and alcoholics struggling with the disease of addiction.

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    1. Hi Jesse,

      Could you please give us a call at 855-960-5341? One of our admission reps would be happy to talk to you and discuss your options.

  • Just wondering you mention addiction education to help you identify triggers so when you leave you know what to stay away from.. so if your a alcoholic you should just stay home and never leave your house since there’s triggers everywhere for that right…
    Also if your AA based you should now that triggers are only there in the beginning if you leave treatment and still have triggers that means your obsession is still there.

    The whole point of AA is to get to meetings get a sponsor have your sponsor take you through the steps have a spiritual experience get connected with GOD or a higher power of your understanding and that one is God MAY YOU FIND HIM NOW. once your higher power is in your heart there’s no room for fear you higher power will REMOVE the obsession to use drugs you will recover from a hopeless state of body and mind. Dose not me and cured. Removed meaning non exiting meaning not there meaning no such thing as triggers once you do the steps you should not have to walk around with a list in your pockets people remember once connected with your higher power and you go through 12 steps get t9 meeting and start finding new guys to grip and take them through the steps if your helping others being completely selfless your not in your own head the worst place to be…

  • Have a husband been on drugs crack for 10 years stops 4 to 5 days does it again looses jobs. Have lost cars tv’s game systems etc I’m done

  • I have had a problem with crack smoking for the last 14 years and it is destroying my life,especially my financial situation, I can’t afford to go to rehab so all I need is for a trusted friend,or family member to look after my money and only allow me a certain amount each day, I waste ALL my money on this shit every week and I’m tired of being skint from it and feeling so guilty and depressed about it the next day.. I don’t wanna lose my kids or my loving husband as they are all aware wot I do yet don’t try to help me or stop me despite me asking for their help and managing my money for Mr so I can’t just waste it all on this horrid drug.I love the high,orgasmic intense rush it gives me and that is why I want some each time I get paid every week,I can go without it wen I’m skint but I have borrowed money from some friends to get crack and then I owe out money to them which skints me out even more. TBH I am fed up of this perpetual habit and I just need a little bit of tough love and help with my money I get each week so I can’t just think,”oh its Friday, payday,must “treat” myself to a smoke,how can I break free of this mindset and find the inner strength to stop these thoughts and urges? I have zero willpower so its gonna be really difficult to change a habit of over 15 years.

    1. I’ve been helping for 8 years a man taking care of all his financial and everything . I need to get out of this because for 7 years he was clean thanks to my efforts and for controlling him but I suffered so much. Now I just want to walk away because I feel there is no hope how can be possible that he fail again? You guys should think we suffer too because of our love for you

  • Im a navy vet with medical benefits and medicaid. The VA takes months to get u i to rehab and no rehab wont help or take me because i got the VA. I need help. Now. Im hurting everybody who love me.

    1. Hi Ronnell,
      Can you give us a call at 855-960-5341 so one of our representatives can help you out?

  • I’ve been smoking crack for 30 years sometimes I think there’s no help for me . lately I’ve been worse than ever. my family wishes I was dead. I’m broke I have no insurance.

  • Where do I start I am a drug addict I am having a hard time getting clean I can not stop smoking crack I am on methadone I have been for a long time i hate feeling like a peace of shit I am Not getting any younger please I am asking For help i live in mass

  • Please I was introduced to the crack by friends about a year ago. Now its affecting me and I want to stop. Any time I tried to stop I would be hospitalized and no medication can cure me unless I take the crack. I sometimes feel am in a kind of bondage .Please I need help.

  • I don’t have insurance. I’m physically unable to work and an applying for SSD. This Christmas will be 2 years that I’ve smoked crack every single day except approximately 2 weeks in days without use, a week of which I was hospitalized. I am on Subutex & Klonipin. I want rehab & a good chance at a fresh start more than the air I’m currently breathing. I’m terrified to come off the subutex & flat out have no intention quitting taking my prescribed Klonipin. I have no money. I’m living back home with my disaled mom. I’m female, 31 years of age and desperate!!! If you or this organization can provide any assistance I would be willing to do any and everything necessary. Please? I’m trapped in an existence and have stopped living. I despise lying to my mom. I’m ashamed. I have tried contacting many rehab centers which looked as if they would provide the right kind of help I’m seeking. Hence, being the reason I’m contacting here. Thank you for reading. I’ll keep praying,
    -Joe’l Doerr VB

  • im 22 i been smoking crack for 3 years now i need help im skinny i used to weigh 135 pounds now i weigh 95 pounds due to this shit its addicting how do u stop

    1. Hi Crystal, please give us a call at 855-960-5341 and one of our representatives will help you find the treatment you are looking for.

  • i don’t know if this would be considered an addiction but … i smoke crack once a fortnight (approx £150 – 1.5 g) where i would buy it as coke, and turn it into crack myself … i have been using coke (not constantly) previously about 2 times a year, starting back in about 2007-2008 – in the past year, one of my neighbours taught me about crack… and i have been smoking it about once a fortnight for about 3 months,

    every time i am empty, its ok, until the following fortnight *oh i have money, lets get some coke/crack* – i dont feel addicted because i can go a fortnight + quite easily… (when my dealer is out… its no issue etc) but i really want to get out of the *trap*0

  • My demons have to following me for 30 years now I can’t seem to get a grip on life that’s not my marriage after 27 years I went to prison free hooked up with somebody after 30 years and have not screwed that up it seems that the only thing I live for it this s*** I don’t even enjoy it I don’t know how to stop tired of living this way I’ve been in rehab and being in prison is like we have seems that nothing I can do is right I’m just living for this s*** I’m tired of it. I have no insurance we’re going into these places is not possible

  • hi my name is edna, I’ve been an addict for over ten years and my drug of choice is crack cocaine, the first time I pick up that pipe and inhaled that evil spirit, was the worsts mistake I ever made in my life, I would like to tell whomever how I started smoking crack but the story is quite long, but I can give a brief story and you can kind of figure it out from there, my life was a mess before I started smoking crack, it was the choices I made that cause me a lot of pain from the people I loved the most my boyfriend and my family, excluding my mother, because she was a single parent and had fourteen children and raise them the best she could, my mother get a
    ” thumbs up” I just want to live a happy life for the rest of my life and being on these drugs it’s impossible, so please give me some advice on how to make this nightmare go away.

  • I’m too scared to call I don’t know what to do I have a good job and make tons of money that soon as I get paid I start smoking crack until I’m broke and screwed sometimes it looks like death would be the easiest way out but I don’t know it just when I get high everything just goes away I don’t know how to explain it but then I’m screwed and then I have to start all over next week and I’m lying to everyone I just really want to die I think I will kill myself the eventually I can’t wait for death

  • Ive been smokeing crack for 4 years deepdown i want to stop…but i get to about ten days clean and start hateing reality…i wish i could just get on with life as most do without drugs…

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