A Look At the Frightening Reality of Fentanyl

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The opioid epidemic is rapidly gaining national attention. It’s sad to say this is nothing new, but what is alarming is the fentanyl overdose death rates that are currently on the rise.

Individuals affected by the opioid epidemic are now having to worry about cutting agents creeping into their drugs. Fentanyl is making its way to the big screen and it isn’t pretty.

Fentanyl Is a Killer

Below is a short breakdown of the properties of fentanyl:

  • It is highly addictive
  • It is more potent than any drug available on the street
  • The leading cause of the increase in overdose in this past year alone
  • It’s cheap and easily accessible
  • It’s undetectable
  • There’s a way to test for it, but the government isn’t providing nearly enough resources

If this isn’t enough to sway anyone, affiliated with the disease of addiction or not, that this drug is dangerous and shouldn’t be as readily available as it is, here are some more facts about the drug that’s taking the lives of hundreds of people each and every day.

Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine, which is known to be the purest opioid available.

Envision a grain of salt killing you; seems ridiculous, right? Turns out, one single grain of fentanyl can be fatal to individuals even if they have a high tolerance to opioids. This drug is intended for use in patients with chronic or severe pain. Instead, individuals buying drugs on the street are getting fentanyl in their heroin, opioid pills, cocaine, and benzodiazepines. From an ethical standpoint, it’s unclear why anyone makes their own drugs out of synthetic drugs known to be fatal. However, it is clear from the economic standpoint of a drug dealer, since they, along with drug manufacturers, have easy access to fentanyl. It is also very, very cheap.

Ultimately, all factors contributing to the opioid epidemic, including the government and their regulations, play a large role in the events taking place in the United States today.

The method behind the madness is, for the most part, money driven. I’m sure most of these people stepping on or buying stepped on drugs have no idea what they are selling people. Much blame is put on the addict, the dealer, and the drugs, but is anyone solely to blame? We live in a society where treatment and solutions are readily available, so it’s just a matter of saying “enough is enough, let’s try something new.”

What’s Heroin Got to Do with This?

Although heroin overdoses alone didn’t stir up as much of an uproar this past year, heroin is, in some way, related to the fentanyl overdose death rates.

In the eyes of the profit maker, fentanyl has one job: It must be used to cut a batch of heroin, making it into a larger, more potent batch to produce more money for a small cost.

This is not only gluttonous, but it is also causing too many fentanyl overdose death cases in a short span of time.

Aside from fentanyl cut heroin, heroin, alone, kills an alarmingly high number of people annually. Accidental heroin and fentanyl overdose are the leading causes of death in the United States, as these drugs kill more people than HIV or guns when those rates were at their peak.

An article in HuffPost  about Trump’s commission reported,”With approximately 142 Americans dying every day, America is enduring a death toll equal to September 11th every three weeks.”

Fentanyl Overdose Death Statistics

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently released a collection of data of overdose numbers related to the most commonly used drugs in the United States. Fentanyl overdose death rates soared above the other drugs and tallied a high number of fatalities alongside heroin and other natural or semi-synthetic opioids.

Fentanyl has increased the number of opioid-related deaths by 73 percent within the last couple of years. Fentanyl overdose death accounts for the majority of the increase.

It’s difficult to digest the fact that the death toll will not stop climbing until action is taken. Even then, what would we do as a nation to combat these increasingly high fentanyl overdose death rates? The answers lie mostly within what the government isn’t doing.

The Reality of Addiction

Opioid addiction has been on the rise leaving more and more individuals affected by it. Individuals in active addiction and their families are all affected by the crisis. Out of the 600,000 opioid addicts, there is typically one person in your community who suffered from a fentanyl overdose death.

However, providing individuals in active addiction with the proper medications to reverse an overdose can save lives.

The majority of individuals in the grips of active addiction are not spending their time to check whether their drugs contain fentanyl, especially if they have a nasty habit. Sometimes, these individuals might not even care if they live or die. That’s the sad reality of the disease and it could be a factor in the rising number of opioid-related deaths.

Vancouver’s safe-injection sites have test kits available around the clock to test the potency of the stuff these addicted individuals are buying off the street. But, what if you’re not in Vancouver? Well, then it might be a little tougher. The US government is reluctant to provide harm-reduction facilities of easy access. There is also a stigma against individuals who abuse drugs making it more difficult for those who need help to actually receive it.

Are You Struggling with Addiction?

As time passes, the accessibility of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids becomes more easily attainable. Fentanyl pressed pills and cutting agents contributed to thousands of deaths in the last year alone. And, the number is still rising viciously. However, there is a way out of active addiction.

Don’t become another statistic. Ocean Breeze Recovery can help you or a loved one escape the grips of active addiction. Our success stems from our unique and effective treatment methods. If you call (855) 554-9279 today, our professional staff can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding addiction and how to get help. It’s never too late to regain control of your life.

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