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Drug Rehab Florida: Ocean Breeze Recovery

As any recovered addict can attest, addiction is a lonely, unfulfilled, and stressful lifestyle. Oftentimes individuals use substance abuse as a means of covering up or numbing unpleasant thoughts and feelings, which is commonly referred to as self-medicating. In fact, self-medication can be an incredibly persistent bad habit in which a person can get into, one that often requires professional assistance in order for an individual to replace such a destructive means of coping with healthy alternatives.

The unfortunate reality is that addiction is an all-consuming affliction. Individuals who once pursued hobbies, learned skills, and developed talents sacrifice their passion for life and instead spend the majority of their time abusing substances and trying desperately to sustain an expensive addiction. The life of a contemporary addict is mostly an empty one. What’s more, addiction affects more than just the afflicted, rippling throughout the lives of everyone with whom he or she comes into contact.

Much of the time those who suffer from addiction are unable to see or accept the effect they have on those around them. It’s not uncommon for the family of an addicted individual to have an intervention, which is intended to show an individual that he or she is loved and to provide encouragement to seek rehabilitative treatment. Interventions tend to be successful because they’re frequently a turning point; the addict is confronted by the fact that their self-harm is hurting their loved ones, which tends to be a contributing reason why the addict chooses to seek treatment.

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Change begins here. Rehabilitative treatment is integral to recovery from addiction. Participating in a treatment program at a Florida recovery facility arms individuals with the tools to not only regain sobriety and to find fulfillment in their lives once again, but to sustain their recovery for the long-term. Florida rehabilitation facilities can offer individuals who suffer from addiction the means to escape from the people, environment, and circumstances that might have enabled their suffering while they learn about addiction, recovery, and even more about themselves.

Ocean Breeze Recovery can help you or your loved one find the right drug rehabilitation program. Most treatment programs offer individuals an initial medical detox period that takes place over the first days after arriving at the facility; during detox, the individual’s body rids itself of drugs and other toxins while the individual is supervised by a professional.
Including the detox period, rehabilitation from addiction can last between 30 days and up to 3 months, depending on a number of factors including individual needs and the severity of the addiction. According to statistics, long-term inpatient and residential drug rehabilitation tends to be the most effective form of treatment. In fact, there’s a correlation between length of treatment and the rate of success; in other words, it’s been found that longer treatment programs tend to have higher rates of long-term recovery success and lower rates of relapse.

Find Fulfillment in Your Life Again

A side effect of detoxification and the cleansing of the body is that the mind becomes much more clear, perhaps for the first time in a number of years. Since substance abuse is frequently used to avoid confronting certain thoughts and emotions, the beginning of rehabilitation can be an intense, emotional time for an individual in recovery. Feelings of loneliness, abandonment, vulnerability, and fear are not uncommon, and their intensity is due to having been diluted for so long. However, while this might be unpleasant at first, coming to terms with emotions is a vital component of recovery and will also open an individual to the spectrum of positive emotions that make life more gratifying and rich.

An individual who’s experiencing a flood of repressed emotions might wonder how they will ever be able to sort through and deal with them all. A drug recovery program will teaches individuals about how substance abuse stunts the human experience; these emotions seem abnormal to addicts who have potentially gone years without having to feel them to their full extent, but in reality this is the normal state. Learning to deal with these emotions and recognizing that trying to avoid negative emotions could encourage a relapse are important tools that an individual will learn through participating in a variety of treatments and activities while in an addiction recovery program.

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Most Florida drug rehabilitation facilities provide medication, group counseling, individual counseling, family programs, classes on the science of addiction, life empowerment groups, women’s and men’s groups as well as extracurricular activities such as yoga, tai chi, dancing, and art therapy. In addition to learning to overcome unpleasant thoughts and feelings, recovery programs teach addicts and alcoholics about the disease of addiction and provide a number of useful tools for coping and to proactively manage their disease. Those individuals who participate in a rehabilitation program are choosing the path that will allow them to rediscover what they had been sacrificing and what their lives have been missing for so long. Ocean Breeze Recovery has a team of knowledgeable, caring experts available to help those individuals who have been struggling with addiction regain sobriety and fulfillment.

Addiction is a different experience for everyone who suffers from it. However, no matter the individual circumstances, Ocean Breeze Recovery can help to make recovery attainable for each addict, providing guidance through each step of the process. Each recovery or treatment program has its own individual features and offerings, which makes it important to have sufficient knowledge and the self-awareness necessary to find the right facility that offers the best program for each individual’s needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find fulfillment in life once again. Ocean Breeze Recovery gives our clients multiple options for an affordable drug rehabilitation experience, works with our clients on cost, and creates personalized addiction treatment plans to guarantee success.

There are a number of great drug rehabilitation treatments available for those who are in need and ready to rehabilitate. There is no reason that the pain of substance abuse should continue to wreak havoc in your home, on your life, and on the lives of those you love. Ocean Breeze

Recovery is here to help. Call today so you can have a better tomorrow.

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