The state of Florida is known throughout the country as a haven for vacationers, retirees, and individuals who prefer to live in a tropical or subtropical climate. Also known as “the Sunshine State,” Florida has 1,350 miles of shoreline—more than any other contiguous state—of which almost 700 miles consist of luxurious world-renowned sandy beaches. In addition to the stunning climate and locale, there are tons of activities and sights to see in Florida for individuals of any age, from all the amusement parks in Orlando to Everglades National Park and everything in between.

However, over the years Florida has also become known for something a little more unique than just for its beaches and Disney World. Specifically, Florida has recently been referred to as “the recovery capital of the world” with the epicenter being roughly between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, centered around Delray Beach and its wake. In fact, it’s been said that if you stand anyway in this recovery megacenter and throw a rock in any direction, that rock is bound to hit an addiction treatment center. This has led many individuals to ask why this may be? Why does Florida seem to be the prime location for addiction treatment and recovery facilities?

A Large Selection of Treatment Programs

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While this may not explain the presence of so many treatment centers, it definitely accounts for Florida’s current popularity among individuals who are in need of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Choosing to recover in a Florida addiction treatment facility affords addicts a unique opportunity. Rather than being limited only to the one or two facilities in a certain radius of home, coming to Florida for recovery means being able to choose from a number of facilities that many offer an array of different programs that are designed for different individuals.

For example, a female addict may prefer to participate in an inpatient program at a facility that offers treatment only for women; there are even facilities specifically for members of the LGBTQ community as well. Additionally, there are a number of facilities that offer specialized programs for particular or less common addictions such as for individuals who are addicted to methadone. Specialized programs are somewhat less common than standard inclusive treatment programs, but by attending in Florida, individuals have far more options from which they can choose in order to participate in the program that can best address individual needs. These include inpatient and residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient treatment programs, sober living facilities and halfway houses, an extensive selection of active twelve-step programs and support groups, and a variety of aftercare programs for continued relapse prevention.

A Unique Treatment Environment

Although Florida has become a place that attracts many new and innovative addiction treatment methods, it wasn’t always that way. Years ago, the first addiction treatment facility opened in sunny Florida, which was a long way from where one might expect an addict to go for addiction treatment. However, the vacation-like environment that Florida has to offer was part of the appeal. By attending a treatment program in Florida, recovering addicts can take advantage of the natural amenities such as the serene beaches, temperate climate, surplus of sunshine, and so on. The Florida locale entices those in treatment, encouraging them to incorporate physical activity into an appreciation for the serenity the picturesque Florida beaches offers rather than remaining isolated and gloomy throughout treatment. In other words, recovering addicts can perk up a bit under the Florida sun.

Vibrant Recovery Community

Over the course of addiction treatment, a recovering addict learns that addiction is a chronic relapsing disease and in order to remain abstinent, the individual must adopt permanent lifestyle changes. Individuals who complete treatment at a Florida recovery center often feel most confident in their new found recovery by living in the place where they learned the tools to sustain their recovery, which is why many program graduates remain in Florida to become a permanent part of the local recovery community. As a result of this trend, Florida has a very prominent and strong community of recovered addicts who remain activate in local support groups and frequently make themselves available to the newly recovered. In fact, many of these individuals offer sponsorship to individuals who join Florida twelve-step programs.

The Florida Addiction Treatment Model

With most of the treatment centers being proponents of holistic healing and health, the local model of addiction treatment in Florida encourages a type of “stepped” approach in which an individual begins with a period of residential or inpatient care, then steps down into a series of other treatments that include a form of extended care, and a sober living facility or halfway house before finding part-time work and slowly transitioning back into the community. This “Florida model” has shown success at admirable rates due largely to starting addicts in an intensive residential treatment, then gradually transitioning them through successive stages toward reintegrating into society.

Addiction Treatment in Florida: Ocean Breeze Recovery

Using the location as an advantage, Florida addiction treatment centers encourage addicts to use the beach for both sober fun as well as a spiritual awakening that we consider to be an essential part of our recovery culture. Additionally, the perpetually beautiful and temperate Florida weather allow individuals who have not had the opportunity to take advantage of the outdoors an opportunity to embrace the ambient locale during treatment.

Many of the addicts who choose to participate in a Florida recovery program choose to do so with the intent of beginning a new life here in Florida. At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer clients a variety of treatments that include multiple types of group therapies, individual and group counseling, twelve-step programs, and extracurricular activities. Florida addiction treatment provides those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction with the tools to forge a path from hopelessness to happiness. Call us today and let us help you or your loved one suffering from chemical dependency begin anew under the gorgeous Florida sun.

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