When you make the decision to get clean and sober for good and fully embrace a life of long-term sobriety and recovery, it is a decision that requires careful thought. Recovery is a major life decision and one that requires a major commitment on your part of both time and money. From choosing the best rehab programs and facilities that are best suited to your unique needs to aftercare programs and finding stable, supportive peer networks that will help you keep motivated in your recovery journey, you need to be sure that all the pieces are in place for you to have success.

When you are carefully weighing all of your options, another thing you need to consider is the possibility of changing your zip code. Moving to a location where there are many quality rehab facilities and an active recovery community which fosters a nurturing environment for you to feel confident in your sobriety. For many years, thousands of addicts who seek recovery have made the pilgrimage to Florida–and especially the southeastern part of the state–in order to achieve that goal.  With the ideal mix of climate, leisure activities, quality treatment programs, as well as a thriving peer and support network, pursuing recovery in Florida may provide you need to truly start over.

Florida: Ground Zero of The Recovery Community Movement

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Over the past couple of decades, there have been an increasing number of  recovery communities that have been established all over the country. In places such as California, Arizona and Minnesota, these communities offer those who seek recovery a combination of high-quality inpatient and outpatient drug treatment and extensive sober support networks. However, Florida has remained the top destination for those who seek to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, the small beach town of Delray Beach, Florida has long been regarded as The Recovery Capital of the World.

Located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Delray Beach has been called the epicenter of the recovery community movement and has served as a model for other such communities to take root. In Delray Beach alone, there are over 40 rehab centers throughout the city that treat many forms of addiction from alcohol, stimulants, opiates and prescription  medications. Delray Beach is also home to a wide variety of Twelve-Step meetings and support groups that serve many different populations. For example, there are 186 weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings which draw an estimated 5,000 people each week. Additionally, there are recovery-based radio stations and recreation and sports teams that people in recovery can participate in and enjoy.

Why Florida is an Ideal Place to Get Sober

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There are several reasons why Florida has long been the primary destination for people who are seeking drug treatment and a fresh start in their lives.

A Wide Variety of Drug Treatment

As mentioned earlier, Florida is home to many premier drug and alcohol rehab facilities that can effectively treat a wide variety of addictions. Many of these drug treatment facilities offer addicts a wide variety of both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Among those options include 12-step based programs, faith and Christian-based programs, holistic treatment, intensive outpatient and luxury drug treatment. There are also drug treatment programs that are specifically tailored for women, minorities and those in the LGBTQ movement. Many treatment centers in Florida feature counseling and drug treatment programming and is proven effective and backed by independent research conducted by trusted research firms not associated with the treatment facilities themselves.

The Florida Treatment Model

Another reason why Florida is a great place to recover from substance abuse is it employs what is commonly referred to as The Florida Treatment Model. This model combines intensive inpatient drug rehabilitation services with comfortable and spacious housing accommodations. The Florida model of treatment encourages addicts and alcoholics to commit to a period of primary care in the residential treatment facility, then they gradually “step-down” levels of care which can include extended care, aftercare and sober living. This step down approach helps the newly recovering addict gradually transition back to their normal daily life while helping them continue to work their individual plan of recovery.

The Environment

Along with providing a wide variety of high quality treatment options, many addicts flock to Florida to recover because of the climate and environment. By attending a drug and alcohol treatment program in Florida, recovering addicts can take advantage of all that Florida has to offer such as miles of pristine beaches, temperate climate, plenty of  sunshine, and so on. Rehab facilities take advantage of this paradise-like environment and encourage addicts to engage in physical activities outdoors, rather than spending all their time cooped up in treatment.

Sober Living

As alluded to earlier, a huge part of the Florida Treatment Model that treatment centers incorporate is the gradual step down in care and allowing newly recovering addicts to feel more independent and confident. Many Florida drug treatment centers offer those who complete drug treatment transitional care such as halfway houses and other sober living environments. These houses are often located on the grounds of the facility or in a nearby location and allow newly recovering addicts to live together and support one another. While in sober living, addicts can work on obtaining employment and housing as well as putting the life and coping skills they learned in treatment to use.

Let Ocean Breeze Recovery Center Help You Start Over

For addicts who come to Florida, they move to a new location in order to start over in their lives and establish a life that is filled with the healing and hope that is found in recovery. Ocean Breeze Recovery Center can help you start that new chapter in life with proven drug treatment programming that covers a wide variety of addictions. Through group therapies, individual and group counseling, twelve-step programs, and extracurricular activities Ocean Breeze Recovery Center can tailor an individualized treatment plan that perfectly fits your needs and goals.

Your new life in recovery awaits you…Call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center today.

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