10 Weird Drugs People Have Used to Get High

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Intrepid psychonauts will find a way. Even against better judgment and common sense, some people have an intense desire to find and use psychoactive substances even if they kill them. And it sometimes does. Desperation, peer pressure, curiosity, and a little bit of ignorance are the ingredients to a potent and sometimes deadly cocktail that fuels the drive to get high, even if traditional drugs aren’t readily available. Sometimes that means resorting to some weird drugs as alternatives.

Illicit and prescriptions substances that are the most likely sources of recreational drug use can be expensive or hard to obtain. When desperation (or curiosity) strikes, would-be drug users can become creative and sometimes downright reckless. Alternative paths of intoxication come in all shapes and sizes; the results can range from gross to deadly. Herbs and chemicals with potential psychoactive effects are all over the modern household. You maybe have some in your spice rack, garage, and medicine cabinet right now.

Other substances come as a result of the drug trade breaking new, sinister ground. Designer drugs crop up as a result of black and grey market industries trying to subvert existing drug laws. New chemical compounds are synthesized that are chemically similar to existing illicit drugs. The goal is to provide a high that mimics a known illicit drug, without the legal risk. Designer drugs are synthesized and packaged as products that are not for human consumptions, like plant food.

Whether they are household products or shady designer drugs, some of the strangest ways people are getting high are also the deadliest. You may not believe it when you hear it, but here are some of the strangest drugs people have actually tried to get high.

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