The holidays are supposed to be a happy time; a time spent with family and loved ones. For those battling a substance use disorder or in treatment for an addiction, this year may not seem as joyful as it should be. However, individuals that make their treatment and recovery a priority, even during the holidays, are determined and focused, and should be applauded for their bravery.

Anyone facing the prospect of being away from home during the holidays will most likely feel lonely and distant from the things they care about. Those who are in treatment at Ocean Breeze right now knew they would be in rehab through Christmas and the holidays, and were courageous enough to still enter treatment. While many would look with pity on someone in rehab during the holidays, we commend these individuals, and want to encourage them to continue to stay strong. Someone with this kind of dedication has what it takes to put their addiction behind them.

A Special Holiday Celebration

Anyone willing to put the things around them on hold to focus on their recovery should be encouraged in their journey. The staff at Ocean Breeze wants to acknowledge the courage of our clients over the holidays, and we plan to make this season special for them this year.

In order to reward these individuals, we are planning a few special events. Each client will be invited to do a secret Santa/gift exchange. Those that participate will pick another client’s name and be given $25 to buy a gift for that person. The gift exchange will take place on Christmas morning, along with a Christmas breakfast. On Christmas, clients will be given time to relax at our facility, talk to their families, and watch football. We will have a catered meal in the afternoon, complete with ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and other delicious foods. The meal will be followed by more relaxing and free time.

Our goal is to make the holidays feel as much like home as we possibly can for our clients. We are so happy that these individuals are getting the help they need, so that when their program is complete they can go back to their family and their home, and enjoy the newly sober life they will have.

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