What is Holistic Treatment for Addiction?

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For those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, making the commitment to enter a drug treatment program is a major life decision. Many individuals who are seeking treatment for addiction will often do so through more traditional means such as through 12-Step based programs, with counseling and therapy mirroring that philosophy. While these more traditional programs are effective in helping people get and stay sober, recovering from addiction is not a “one size fits all” proposition.

There are some addicts who may feel that traditional recovery programs may not serve their unique needs and goals for recovery. As a result, they will pursue other treatment options that may better suit those individual needs and wants. Over the past few years, an increasing number of addicts are turning to holistic addiction treatment centers in order to get sober and find long-term recovery.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?


Treatment centers that employ holistic treatment methods implement therapeutic techniques that will help the addict improve their health as well as improve the functioning of both their mind and spirit. Treatment centers that use the holistic treatment model is that the addict needs to realize that overcoming addiction takes more than just quitting drugs and alcohol. In order to effectively address their addiction and to achieve long-term recovery, they have to face and acknowledge the underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles that led them to addiction in the first place. Additionally, holistic techniques can help remove dangerous toxins from the body of the addict and does so without the use of drugs which may appeal to those addicts who are leery of traditional detox methods.

The underlying philosophy of holistic-based facilities is that all human beings have the power from within to heal themselves. In order for that healing to occur, addicts need to work with a doctor and other medical staff using a variety of approaches in order to accomplish this goal. Ultimately,treating addiction involves fixing the root cause or causes of the problem and not just alleviating the symptoms of addiction.

What Are The Main Benefit of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

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Holistic treatment centers can help those who struggle with substance abuse identify those triggers that lie at the root of their addictive behaviors and allow them to understand the events that led to their substance abuse. The experienced staff at a holistic treatment facility will help the addict understand and cope with the nature of these triggers through a variety relaxation and meditation techniques. As a result, those who undergo holistic treatment will learn to develop long-term individual recovery plans that will help them deal with stress and what daily life bring them in more healthy and productive ways.

Holistic addiction facilities will still utilize the “tried and true” traditional treatment methods such as inpatient medical detoxification as well as a group and individual therapy and counseling in conjunction with holistic-based treatment methods. The main goal of holistic treatment is to find the perfect balance between traditional and natural  healing methods.

Holistic treatment encompasses a wide variety of services that can be adopted to any client and can include the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Light Therapy
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Chiropractic Treatment

Interested In Holistic Treatment? What To Look For

The Basics

If you are interested in undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment at a holistic treatment facility, there are some basic things you need to look for. First, the best holistic addiction facilities offer patients both individual and group counseling as well as offer programs that are designed especially for women, teens, and parents. Additionally, there are some holistic programs that offer religious recovery programs that incorporate spirituality in recovery.

Much like traditional drug treatment programs, holistic treatment programs do require at least a minimum stay of 30 days. This time frame will allow those in treatment to have the time to focus solely on their recovery and be away from the distractions, temptations and triggers that are present in their home environment. As with traditional drug treatment, holistic facilities should feature treatment programming that lasts for longer periods of time depending on the nature and severity of one’s addiction.

The Specifics

Once you have addressed the basics, there are specific things you should look for in order to find the holistic drug rehab that best fits your needs. These include:

Low patient to staff ratios–This is important for patients in order for them to receive individualized plans, attention, and counseling sessions so they can get the most out of treatment.

Experienced staff–The holistic treatment centers you are looking at should have staff who are highly trained and have earned a master’s degree in behavioral science and social work. Having a higher level of education provides therapists with the necessary knowledge to successfully promote behavioral changes in patients.

Group therapy–Group therapy can help patients know they are not alone in their struggles with their addiction. Ideally, there should be a good balance of both individual and group counseling and therapy.

Employ a wide range of services–Holistic treatment programs should have quality programming that approaches healing from a whole-body perspective. Tai chi, yoga and music and art therapies, can help patients release built-up toxins thus promoting a faster healing process.

Aftercare–The top holistic treatment centers feature established aftercare programs care once a patient is finished with treatment. These programs will provide solid recovery plans and recovery-based activities for the patient to practice upon release which will continue the healing process.

Turn to Ocean Breeze Recovery for Holistic Treatment That Works

Many treatment centers are adopting holistic treatment models to complement the traditional therapies they already offer. The choices you have seem endless, and you have to be sure that the treatment facility you choose will provide you the services, support and motivation you need to recover fully from your addiction. Ocean Breeze Recovery is one of the preeminent holistic treatment facilities in Florida which offers effective holistic drug treatment that is effective and proven to work.

Ocean Breeze Recovery offers different levels of care in order to provide clients with the help they need.  From residential and outpatient therapy to our alumni program, clients are provided with a safe place in which to recover. Contact Ocean Breeze Recovery today and learn how holistic addiction treatment can help you recover from substance abuse.



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