10 Ways To Enjoy Life Clean and Sober

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So you have made it through and are ready to resume your normal life and routine? Congratulations!

Successfully making it through drug treatment is a major milestone, and you should be proud of that accomplishment. You have indeed come a long way since you first entered drug treatment and put in the hard work and showed great resolve and determination in facing your addiction. As you leave treatment and head out into the world, you are filled with optimism and hope and are ready to write new chapters in your life that are filled with healing, hope, and recovery.

While you feel hopeful of the future, there are also feelings of anxiety that creep into the picture. How are you going to live life now as a clean and sober person? Will you be able to live a fulfilled life packed with action, adventure and fun without the use of substances? Most importantly, will you be comfortable in your new sober skin?

Living A Sober Life Can Be Challenging…But YOU Are Up To The Challenge

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Let’s face it, learning to live in new ways can be challenging and filled with anxiety and hesitation. For years, you have become used to living the life of an addict and you organized your daily schedule around your addiction. Even in your addiction, you knew deep down that the way that you were living wasn’t right for you–but the routine becomes second nature. As you learned to move beyond your addictive behaviors in drug treatment, those old familiar patterns of living and being get left behind and you have a clean slate.

How do you live life now?

You may be thinking that living life as a sober person might be limiting and maybe even boring. Nothing can be further from the truth. Living a life of recovery presents limitless possibilities and is only limited by your imagination. Laughter returns; hope is restored and a positive self-image takes shape. Recovery from substance abuse means you can learn to live a life that will bring lasting happiness. If you will become active in pursuing a life that does not center on and alcohol, you will be amazed at how many opportunities will be laid out in front of you.

The following are ten simple ways you can enjoy a life in recovery.

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1. Out With The Old…In With The New

One of the greatest things about the 12-step recovery process is the people you meet along the way. As you progress in your recovery, you will build a support network filled with family, friends and those who are in recovery. You can count on these people to be supportive of your new addiction-free lifestyle and they can provide you with the encouragement and support you need as you continue on your journey of recovery.

2. Attend recovery functions

Your 12-step homegroup provides a wide range of fun activities that can provide the stimulation and action you need. Whether it is camping and rafting trips, game nights, dances, karaoke, or other types of activities, the wide variety of things offered by your group can provide new outlets to express your sobriety.

3. Hobbies

Being in recovery allows you the time to reconnect with those hobbies that you once enjoyed before addiction took over your life. Additionally, your new life in recovery will allow you to pursue new interests. Don’t be timid or afraid to try new things and step outside what is comfortable for you.

4. Laugh

It is important to remember that laughter is the best medicine and there are no negative side effects.

5. Find a Mentor

If you are new in recovery, having a mentor that has significant clean time can be an invaluable asset. An example of a mentor is the sponsors that you can find at 12-step meetings. These individuals have been where you are at and can help guide you in your journey of sobriety and provide you with tips, guidance and advice on how to make the most of your recovery

6. Get Physical

Exercise is an excellent outlet to get your body, mind, and soul right. While you can join a gym, the best benefit of exercise is there are endless options that cost little to no money. Even going for a moderate 20-minute walk daily can do wonders for you. Better yet, you can bring a friend along for extra fun and motivation.

7. Connect With Your Spiritual Side

Whether it’s a church service, a book study, a place in the woods or a retreat center, find your own individual brand of spiritual service and attend regularly. Staying in touch with a Higher Power, whatever that means for you, will bring you a real sense of fulfillment.

8. Stay Honest

It is important to be honest in your recovery and not to become complacent. If you feel stuck, that is often a warning sign that your recovery is on shaky ground. You need to connect with a sponsor and others in your support system and find ways to add new wrinkles to your overall recovery plan.

9. Serve Others

One of the most important philosophies shared by many sober support groups is to be of service to others. Once you have some clean time, being of volunteering is an excellent way to grow in your recovery. Volunteering your time at a drop-in shelter or non-profit organization are excellent examples of how you can give of yourself in order to help others.

10. Be Kind To Yourself

Most importantly, you have to realize that you aren’t perfect and life isn’t perfect. Recovery is a lifelong journey and that journey is filled with many ups and downs. Each day gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself and how to grow in your sobriety. If you slip up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and refocus your efforts.

Sobriety isn’t a sentence; it opens up a world of possibilities that you never thought possible. To get started on the right track in recovery, you need the programming, support, and encouragement that a quality drug rehab facility can provide. As one of the premier drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Florida, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center features proven treatment programming, excellent medical care, and experienced staff that can give you the tools you need to succeed in your recovery.

Call us toll-free today and start living a truly free and fruitful life in recovery.

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