Substance abuse addiction is a complex and progressive disease that has significant impacts not only on the lives of the addict, it also significantly affects their families and friends and the community at large. If you or a loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction, finding the best treatment options is first and foremost. While the decision to pursue drug treatment is made very early in the recovery process, finding, the right treatment options can be overwhelming with all the choices that are available to you.

For countless numbers of addicts, inpatient drug treatment provides them with the best chances of overcoming their addiction and experiencing long-lasting sobriety. However, many of those who desire recovery may be unsure of whether inpatient treatment is right for them. These feelings are understandable because choosing to undergo treatment at an inpatient drug rehab requires a considerable commitment of both time, money and being away from family and friends.

Ultimately, you want to be sure that the treatment, care, and support you receive will help you fully recover from substance abuse. Additionally, you want to be able to be productive and fulfill your daily obligations while actively working your program of recovery. The following are some reasons why you should go to inpatient drug treatment.

Reasons Why You Should Go To Inpatient Drug Treatment

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For those individuals who are seeking help for their substance abuse issues, inpatient treatment programs can offer clients the following benefits:

Physical Benefits

No matter what the substance of abuse may be, many addicts have developed significant physical and psychological dependence issues as a result of their addiction. While many addicts may feel they can quit drugs and alcohol on their own by going cold turkey or by trying various methods of self-detoxification, these methods are highly undesirable. Over a period of time, drugs and alcohol have major impacts on body functioning and if addicts abruptly stop their drug use without professional monitoring and intervention, the withdrawal symptoms they experience can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and even life-threatening.

Many inpatient treatment facilities offer medical detox services and medical monitoring to ensure the patients’ withdrawal symptoms are minimized as much as possible. Also, the medical detox process will aid in the easing of any psychological discomfort and will allow the patient to transition into a stable drug-free status in a safe environment. It is important to note, however, that the detox process is not considered drug treatment; it is viewed as a necessary and complementary piece in the recovery process. Additionally, many inpatient treatment centers offer exercise and recreation options for patients.

Psychological Benefits

In addition inpatient, treatment facilities offer a wide range of psychological therapies that address the underlying issues of substance abuse. These therapies can be done on an individual basis as well as in a group setting so patients can receive the encouragement and support from those who are going through similar experiences in their recovery. Additionally, inpatient drug treatment will also teach patients important life and coping skills in order for them to effectively transition into a productive and healthier lifestyle once they leave treatment.

Another key psychological benefit of inpatient drug treatment is that staff is trained to assess patients for any co-occurring mental and physical conditions that may accompany substance abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse is viewed by many addiction professionals as a symptom of a deeper issue. By addressing mental illness and other medical issues while in treatment, those who are new in recovery will have a better chance at long-term recovery.

Emotional Benefits

When patients undergo drug treatment at an inpatient treatment facility, they reside within the facility so they can solely focus on recovery. By residing within the facility itself, patients are away from the triggers and temptations of their home environment which could lead to relapse. Those who decide on inpatient treatment are surrounded by peers who share in their struggles with overcoming addiction and receive the support they need to stay motivated in working a plan of recovery. In addition to their peers, treatment staff also provide patients both emotional safety and peace of mind knowing that the ultimate focus is on their well-being during and after treatment.

How Long Does Inpatient Treatment Last?

In order to fully recover from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, you will need to be fully engaged in intensive drug treatment for a considerable period of time. In general, many rehab facilities generally require a stay of approximately 30 days. Depending on the severity of the addiction, you may want to look for inpatient treatment centers that offer programs that last for 60 to 90 days, or even longer. In addition to evidence-based counseling and therapy, you should also seek inpatient drug treatment facilities that feature aftercare programs such as intensive outpatient treatment, relapse prevention education, sober living homes and other support networks for you to turn to after the completion of formal drug treatment.

Have You Failed In Previous Attempts to Get Clean? Inpatient Treatment Can Help

Inpatient drug treatment can provide the structure you need to get and stay clean, especially if you have tried other treatment options in the past and have been unable to sustain your recovery. While relapse is common within the first year of recovery, it can be very discouraging to feel that your efforts are coming up short. Recovering from substance abuse isn’t a one size fits all proposition; everyone is different in regards to what works best. The top inpatient drug treatment facilities have experienced staff that can tailor a plan of recovery that will fit your unique and specific needs. Additionally, treatment staff are able to continually modify your treatment plan as you progress in treatment and are with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment.

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