Why Is South Florida The Best Place For Rehab?

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There are many reasons one might choose a South Florida rehab. It has become common knowledge among many people that South Florida is the hub for rehab and treatment. From our sandy beaches to tropical weather, it’s no wonder people from around the country come here to heal and overcome their drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. Florida has remained the sunshine capital of the United States, which also makes it a prime candidate for those seeking to heal safely, comfortably, and effectively in both mind and spirit.

One of the more popular reasons South Florida is seen as a haven for those suffering from drug and alcohol problems is because, unlike much of the rest of the country, Florida is only 160 miles wide from one beach to another. Meaning that no matter where in the state one might be, they are always a simple car ride away from some of the world’s best and most beautiful beaches.

Benefits from Living Under the Sun

Whenever Florida—especially South Florida—is mentioned, one of the very first things to come up is its world-famous sandy beaches.

In dealing with the behavioral factors that come from dealing with alcohol and drug abuse or addiction, it is important to make those entering rehab and treatment as comfortable as possible.  Undergoing a South Florida rehab treatment for drugs and/or alcohol by the water and under the sun creates a comfortable and rich environment that is heavily conducive for the healing process.South Florida Rehab Beach

In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, the amount of exposure attained in a simple trip to the beach for less than 30 minutes gives the body all the vitamin D it will need throughout the day. Vitamin D is responsible for bone growth and mood stabilization. Both of those benefits also add enormously to the South Florida rehab and treatment process. Having high levels of vitamin D has been shown to assist in treatment due to the level of optimism it creates.

Sunlight has also been shown to decrease feelings of depression and sorrow. In several different studies, sunlight has been known to increase levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the main chemical in the brain that controls and handles effects in the body, such as stress, anxiety, and sleep. By having higher levels of serotonin in the body, this can positively affect the rehab and treatment process. Treatment requires that the people going through it are clearheaded and open-minded, both of which are influenced by higher levels of serotonin.

South Florida Rehab, a Tropical Paradise

Part of the South Florida rehab and treatment process involves the person going through it to reintegrate back into regular society, and no place will assist those going through that more than the South Florida welcoming culture.

South Florida has been known to be a diverse, tropical environment that embraces foreigners visiting and living in the region. Because of its popularity among tourists, South Florida is known as an all-encompassing location where all cultures and all races merge to form a “melting pot.”

This is also why many people who undergo treatment in South Florida tend to move there after their treatment is over. Not only for the change of scenery but also because of the nature and culture.

With the warm weather, receiving help in a South Florida rehab makes it one of the most comfortable places in the United States for drug/alcohol rehabilitation and recovery. By never worrying about cold weather and the factors that are associated with it, clients can dress like they’re on vacation 24-7 and remain comfortable the entire time.

By receiving treatment in a tropical paradise, this allows people to solely focus on their healing, without ever worrying about external factors.

South Florida: Ground Zero of The Recovery Community Movement

Over the past couple of decades, there has been an increasing number of recovery communities that have been established all over the country. In places such as California, Arizona, and Minnesota, these communities offer those who seek recovery a combination of high-quality inpatient and outpatient drug treatment and extensive sober support networks. However, Florida has remained the top destination for those who seek to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, the small beach town of Delray Beach, Florida has long been regarded as The Recovery Capital of the World.

Located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Delray Beach has been called the epicenter of the recovery community movement and has served as a model for other such communities to take root. In Delray Beach alone, there are over 40 rehab centers throughout the city that treat many forms of addiction from alcohol, stimulants, opiates and prescription medications. Delray Beach is also home to a wide variety of Twelve-Step meetings and support groups that serve many different populations. For example, there are 186 weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings which draw an estimated 5,000 people each week. Additionally, there are recovery-based radio stations and recreation and sports teams that people in recovery can participate in and enjoy.

Alive and Growing

South Florida is one of the fastest growing places in all of the United States. With economic opportunities doubling every year, it’s easy to see how South Florida will only grow in popularity.

Many people going through drug and alcohol treatment have reported that they will end up moving to South Florida because it represents a different and new start from where they probably came from, and many growing economic opportunities.

According to Forbes, the state of Florida is projected to rise in population and employment opportunities by 2020. This shows a very positive outlook for those debating whether treatment and/or living here as an option.

Why Florida is an Ideal Place to Get Sober

There are several reasons why Florida has long been the primary destination for people who are seeking drug treatment and a fresh start in their lives.

A Wide Variety of Drug Treatment

As mentioned earlier, Florida is home to many premier drug and alcohol rehab facilities that can effectively treat a wide variety of addictions. Many of these drug treatment facilities offer addicts a wide variety of both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Among those options include 12-step based programs, faith and Christian-based programs, holistic treatment, intensive outpatient and luxury drug treatment. There are also drug treatment programs that are specifically tailored for women, minorities and those in the LGBTQ movement. Many treatment centers in Florida feature counseling and drug treatment programming and is proven effective and backed by independent research conducted by trusted research firms not associated with the treatment facilities themselves.

The Florida Treatment Model

Another reason why Florida is a great place to recover from substance abuse is it employs what is commonly referred to as The Florida Treatment Model. This model combines intensive inpatient drug rehabilitation services with comfortable and spacious housing accommodations. The Florida model of treatment encourages addicts and alcoholics to commit to a period of primary care in the residential treatment facility, then they gradually “step-down” levels of care which can include extended care, aftercare, and sober living. This step-down approach helps the newly recovering addict gradually transition back to their normal daily life while helping them continue to work their individual plan of recovery.

The Environment

Along with providing a wide variety of high-quality treatment options, many addicts flock to Florida to recover because of the climate and environment. By attending a drug and alcohol treatment program in Florida, recovering addicts can take advantage of all that Florida has to offer such as miles of pristine beaches, temperate climate, plenty of sunshine, and so on. South Florida rehab facilities take advantage of this paradise-like environment and encourage addicts to engage in physical activities outdoors, rather than spending all their time cooped up in treatment.

Sober Living

As alluded to earlier, a huge part of the Florida Treatment Model that treatment centers incorporate is the gradual step down in care and allowing newly recovering addicts to feel more independent and confident. The average South Florida rehab offers transitional care such as halfway houses and other sober living environments to those who complete drug treatment. These houses are often located on the grounds of the facility or in a nearby location and allow newly recovering addicts to live together and support one another. While in sober living, addicts can work on obtaining employment and housing as well as putting the life and coping skills they learned in treatment to use.

Your Guide to Choosing a South Florida Rehab

Many addicts struggle with accepting their disease and the reality of their alcohol and drug dependency. Drug and alcohol addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing disease in which those afflicted have a physical and psychological compulsion to consume alcohol and/or drugs. Despite the comprehensive and profound effects that the disease of addiction can have on a person, addiction tends to affect every addict in an individual way.

As such, there’s no single treatment that will work best for everything, which makes it necessary for those who suffer from addiction to learn what different programs have to offer so that each addict can find the program that best fits his or her needs. However, once addicts accept their affliction and choose to seek treatment, many addicts feel overwhelmed at the prospect of narrowing down a preferred treatment facility from the many thousands of addiction treatment centers that exist.

Florida is known throughout the United States—and some might say even the world—for having one of the highest densities of addiction treatment and recovery facilities within a single designated area. For this reason, Florida remains popular among individuals who suffer from addiction due to the sheer volume and extensive selection of recovery programs that Florida has to offer.

There are a wealth of inpatient and residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare services, sober living facilities and halfway houses as well as a large and very active recovery community, providing those who come to Florida for addiction treatment with an ever-present support network consisting of other recovered addicts who have chosen to remain in Florida upon completion of their initial treatment programs.

However, there’s a drawback to there being such a high volume of addiction treatment centers in Florida: With so many programs to choose from, how is someone to decide which South Florida rehab and addiction treatment program is best for their individual needs? This is a very common question, but the good news is that Ocean Breeze Recovery has been able to identify the key criteria that make identifying the most effective and high-quality program for each addict’s treatment needs possible. Here’s how each addict who chooses to come to Florida for alcohol and drug addiction treatment can ensure he or she chooses the best South Florida rehab for them.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Program?

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

Of the criteria that can be used to help an individual select a treatment center, one of the most essential is whether the individual intends to participate in a residential-type inpatient treatment program or whether he or she would prefer an outpatient program. It’s been found that the more severe and longer term the addiction, the more intense form of treatment the individual need in order to be successful in recovery.

In other words, those who have been physically dependent on alcohol or drugs for a long period of time should consider an inpatient program in which the addict lives on-site in the facility for the duration of treatment. Inpatient residential treatment programs offer 24-hour monitoring and supervision as the individual recovers in a safe, comfortable environment. These programs also have a much more intensive treatment curriculum with things like individual and group counseling, skills-building, and other such activities scheduled on a daily basis.

On the other hand, an outpatient program offers more flexibility than an inpatient or residential program as the recovering addict is permitted to continue living at home while commuting to the facility for treatment. Outpatient programs can often be tailored around an individual’s existing responsibilities and schedule, which is often ideal for those who need addiction treatment while continuing with obligations such as employment or being a parent or caretaker. Additionally, there are many intensive outpatient programs available that seek to provide treatment intensity that’s more on-par with that of an inpatient program while still allowing some level of flexibility.

Better yet would be to choose an addiction treatment facility that offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer clients a variety of treatment options so that those in need can participate in the program that will provide the greatest benefit. We offer inpatient addiction rehab, intensive outpatient addiction rehab, outpatient treatment, as well as an alumni program to promote continued success.

The Best Florida Addiction Treatment Program

Once an individual has decided whether an inpatient or outpatient program would best fit their individual needs, it’s important to look at some of the additional components and features that each addiction treatment facility offers. One component to consider is the location. Although Florida is known for its almost 700 miles of luxurious sandy beaches, some individuals might prefer a facility that’s located a little further inland, but while still offering a tropical and subtropical climate.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of facilities that are in oceanside communities such as Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach. It’s been suggested that many individuals benefit from the tranquil and serene beach environment, from the surplus of Florida sunshine, and from the many outdoor activities the area has to offer.

It’s important that individuals consider some of the resources that a facility has to offer through the various stages of recovery. For individuals who have been in long-term severe addiction, a detox period may be necessary prior to beginning an initial treatment program. Addicts entering recovery should also plan for post-treatment maintenance and aftercare as part of the treatment program selection process.

For example, if an individual feels as though he or she would need a sober living facility or halfway house upon completion of an inpatient program in order to have a more gradual transition back into society, then that individual should prepare for that phase of recovery by finding the appropriate facility with adequate accommodations. Individuals in need of treatment for a dual diagnosis should also take that into consideration when selecting a South Florida rehab.

There are also a number of additional amenities or perks that facilities can offer in order to make recovery more comfortable. At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer a number of accommodations for our clients, which include chiropractic care, massage therapy, an on-site nutritionist, a fitness and wellness center, transportation around the community, beach meditation and relaxation, and a variety of recreational activities such as bowling and volleyball.

What Ocean Breeze Recovery Does

Ocean Breeze Recovery

At Ocean Breeze Recovery, we offer several rehab and treatment programs to help assist you in overcoming your substance abuse or addiction problem. Our residential treatment center is located right by the water so you can enjoy the South Florida culture to its fullest. Enjoy the sandy beaches, warm weather, and clear blue waters while undergoing intensive drug and alcohol treatment.

Using spiritual and effective treatment options, we can help heal those dealing with substance abuse or addiction. Fighting back against abuse and addiction can be an incredibly difficult process, especially considering that addiction itself is a disease. Trying to deal with one’s own substance abuse or addiction problems alone can make the situation worse. It is important to utilize the help of clinical professionals to effectively curtail and deal with it.

If you or a loved is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, seeking help through treatment is extremely important for recovery. Research has shown that the sooner one acts to substance abuse and addiction, the more the long-term side effects are avoided and can be dealt with. Our addiction professionals and specialist are available 24-7, ready to assist you with any questions you might have regarding substance abuse and addiction as well as the right South Florida rehab for you. Call us today at 855-960-5341.



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