Contrary to the common and often popular belief held by many, recovering from substance abuse is not measured by the days you spend in drug treatment. While the time spent in treatment gives newly recovering addicts a great start in their journey, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is an ongoing process where there are many challenges. While the road to long-term recovery can be filled with obstacles, it is a rewarding journey where you not only grow in your recovery, you grow as a physical, emotional and spiritual being. There are many benefits for continuing to work your program of recovery and achieving long-term sobriety. er

What Are the Benefits Of Long-Term Sobriety?


When you start achieving lasting sobriety, the benefits that you see are both obvious and subtle. Most often the benefits of your recovery come in those quiet moments when you write in your daily journal or take time out at the beginning or end of your day to do your personal reflection or mindful meditation. You will think about when you started your recovery journey and of all the setbacks and victories that occurred along the way. While you may a long ways from your ultimate goal, the person that you are now in recovery is very different from the person that was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Although the benefits seen with long term sobriety differ from person to person, the following are benefits that are typical in those people who have achieved long-term and meaningful recovery:

Healthier Relationships

One major benefit of long term sobriety is the mending and strengthening of relationships and friendships. Addiction is not only a chronic and progressive disease, it is also a disease of the ego. When we are addicted to drugs and alcohol, we are solely focused on fulfilling our wants and needs and our relationships with family and friends are thrown on the back burner. Maintaining your recovery and working a solid recovery program instills  personal responsibility and accountability, and over time family and friends understand that you are changing for the better. As a result, these important relationships are restored and are often made stronger because of your effort.

Learning Solid Life and Coping Skills

In active addiction, the essential life and coping skills that are needed to deal with the obligations and stresses of daily life are lost in the haze of substance use. While in drug treatment, you are taught those important skills and they are subsequently honed in your aftercare program. These skills center around relapse prevention and recognizing those triggers and events in your environment that can lead to relapse. As you continually learn and implement these skills they become second nature to you. Not only do you become a productive member of society, you are able to keep your recovery first and foremost in your life.

A Better Financial Future

Drug and alcohol abuse is a major drain on your finances and can lead to unemployment and even to bankruptcy. When you eliminate addiction from your life, you have more money in your pocket which means that you have more options in regards to saving your money and making it work for you. You learn how to create and follow a monthly budget and you can work with a financial counselor to find options to invest your money to increase your chances of a brighter future for yourself.

Better Health

An obvious benefit from long term sobriety is that you will experience better health. When you quit drugs and alcohol, the risk of developing such life-threatening conditions as heart disease, liver disease, malnutrition and other health issues are greatly reduced. You learn the importance of taking care of yourself and how a healthy body plays a role in lasting sobriety. Through proper diet, exercise, and practicing excellent hygiene habits you look and feel better and approach life with a greater self-confidence.

Self-Confidence and Self-Respect

Addiction can strip you of your confidence, esteem and dignity. In sobriety, you are much more aware of those self-destructive behaviors that can undermine your life and you are able to acknowledge and address those behaviors. Being in control of you, life is a major benefit to obtaining long term sobriety. When you start achieving significant clean time, you will soon notice that you can organize and process information better with less hesitation in the process. Eventually, you will  gradually develop the ability to keep on top of complex tasks that before would have been pushed aside. Ultimately, sobriety creates more confidence and reduces chronic anxiety, restlessness or even phobias and, as a result, you become more alert, productive and more interested in attaining all of the goals you want to achieve in life.

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Long Term Sobriety Is Challenging, But You Can Do It!

Even with the best-laid recovery plans in place, the possibility of a relapse is very real. For example, it is estimated that 90 percent of alcoholics will experience one relapse in the first four years of recovery–and especially in that crucial first year. Even with a successful completion of treatment, relapse rates are around 40 percent. Additionally, only about a third of people who are abstinent less than a year will remain abstinent. However, the longer you stay sober, the chances of relapse will diminish gradually. For those who achieve five years clean and sober, your chance of relapsing decreases to approximately 15 percent, As stated throughout this article, long-term recovery can be challenging, but with the help, encouragement and support from your counselors, peers, friends, and family, you can thrive in your life in recovery.

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If you truly desire long term recovery from the devastating effects of substance abuse, undergoing drug treatment programming that is effective and proven to work is crucial in achieving that goal. At Ocean Breeze Recovery Center, we employ a holistic-based treatment approach which incorporates therapeutic techniques and programming that addresses your addiction physically, emotionally, and psychologically. From the moment you start medical detoxification through to treatment and aftercare, our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way, creating an individualized treatment plan that will ensure success.

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