Will Narcan stop being effective as stronger drugs pop up in heroin?

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Dr. Romano
Dr. Romano weighs in on the subject of Narcan, a prescription drug commonly used to reverse the effects of an overdose, and how it is becoming less effective due to synthetic opioids – like Carfentanil – popping up more frequently. For example, Dr. Romano notes, “The problem that we are having is that Narcan or Naloxone, that is the antidote, is not working, and we have to give more and more of it.” Unfortunately, he notes how some departments have a limited supply of Narcan, and if they don’t have another dose to inject, there may not be much more they can do: “When a person is in an overdose state and you can’t give them another injection of Narcan, there’s nothing more you can do, they’re going to die.” Dr. Romano is credited both the online and on the chyron as, “Dr. Marc Romano with Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach.”

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