Learning We Are More Than Just Drug Addicts Through The Program of Recovery

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Drug addiction affects our whole being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The progression from the casual and social use of substances to full-blown dependence is gradual, and as we slide further down we begin to lose touch with who we really are as human beings. When we finally reach the proverbial end of the road and accept treatment, we may feel that we aren’t worthy of change and that the relationships and friendships that were ruined in our addiction are beyond repair. However, as we progress in drug treatment, we begin to peel away the layers and get to the underlying roots of our addiction.

Recovery is About Change

Once we start addressing our addiction and move forward with recovery, we begin to learn more about the disease of addiction. We start to rediscover our true selves and that the label drug addict really doesn’t apply to our lives. As we grow into our new identities as clean and sober people, we start to view the world in a different way and on a deeper level. Recovery is a winding journey full of peaks and valleys, but that journey provides moments where we learn the most about ourselves.

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What Do We Learn About Ourselves in Recovery?

Since recovery is a lifelong process, there are many things we learn about ourselves. There may be moments of revelation where we have an “A-HA!” moment, and there will be those times were we notice subtle changes within ourselves. No matter how change comes about, they help us learn about ourselves and we begin to view ourselves beyond the labels that had defined us in the past. The following are some of the main things we learn about ourselves in recovery.

We Aren’t Failures

As alluded to earlier in this article, drug addiction robs us of many things. When we are in deep with our substance abuse we look at ourselves as failures and we see ourselves as weak. When we are in recovery, we discover that addiction isn’t about character defects or experiencing a moral and spiritual failure. We learn that we have a condition that is chronic and is caused by our environment, family history, biology and personal trauma among other factors. Once we uncover these roots we realize that we have the power to change, to grow and to move forward as recovering people.

We Are Stronger Than We Give Ourselves Credit For

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When we move onward in our journey of recovery, we realize our strong we are and that we have overcome tremendous obstacles and odds to get where we are at this current moment. Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer, and while people like yourself have fought hard to move past their addiction there are many people who stay stuck and even die. The strength that you have can’t be measured on the surface; it is found in your determination and motivation to be the person you know you can be. It is often said that recovery is a game of inches, and in order to move forward you have to have the courage to see what is negative about yourself and have the resolve to change.

You Are Honest

When working a program of recovery, we know that honesty is the foundation from which we build our sobriety. When we were in active addiction, we were lying to ourselves and to others. We also spent a great deal of our addiction manipulating the ones we loved in order to continue our drug use, and we didn’t care about the consequences. In our recovery, we learn that we have to come clean and admit to ourselves and to those that we love that what we did was wrong and inexcusable. We work hard to repair and restore all that we have ruined, and we know that we have to be honest in all of our affairs.

You Accept Others For Who They Are

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In recovery, you are in the continual process of accepting yourself as you are both good and bad. The same can be said for how you view other people in your life. You learn to look deeper and you understand that all people have faults, but they also have good qualities. You also learn to accept that some in your life–especially those who still use drugs and alcohol–may never change and may never accept that you chose recovery. While it may prove difficult, you must leave those people behind and put you, your recovery and those who truly support you first.

You Learn To Love Yourself

Perhaps the most important thing that you learn in recovery is that above all else, you have to learn to love yourself. You learn to love yourself in a physical sense by learning proper nutrition, engaging in exercise and practicing good self-care and hygiene. You learn to love yourself mentally by practicing mindful meditation, yoga or other techniques that help focus the mind on the present. You learn to love yourself spiritually by adopting a “higher power” concept that fits into your life and being humble enough to realize that you are never alone.

Recovery is About Discovery. Discover Yourself With Help From Ocean Breeze Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addiction is a devastating condition that tears about the lives of addicts and everyone around them. When you make the courageous decision to seek help, you are not only doing so to beat your addiction–you are doing so to reclaim your life and become the person you know you can be. With the help of Ocean Breeze Recovery Center, you can receive the tools and support you need to have the confidence to embrace the new and healthier you. For quality drug treatment that is effective and proven to work and delivered by an experienced and compassionate staff, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center is your first and only choice for drug treatment.

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