Faith in Recovery

When people break free from the tight grip of substance abuse, they will experience the benefits of sobriety in a relatively short period of time. Once they become substance free and begin working their recovery program, they physically feel better and mentally they gradually regain a sense of confidence and self-esteem that was lost during their years of active addiction. While those new in recovery feel excited in starting a new chapter in their lives, addiction is a cunning and powerful disease and there will be times when there is doubt and uncertainty in one’s sobriety.

During those times when recovery seems to be in doubt, those who are newly sober must find a way to keep motivated in living one day at a time–and they must dig deep within to find that motivation. Ultimately, many who have significant time clean and sober were able to overcome those uncertain feelings and subsequently strengthen their recovery by cultivating and utilizing a sense of faith in order to move forward. For those who undergo drug treatment at a Florida Christian drug rehab, faith is THE cornerstone of their treatment and recovery plan.

What Exactly is Faith?

While the concept of faith is most commonly associated with religion or spirituality, it can be simply defined as placing one’s complete confidence and trust in a person or thing. For those who have a strong sense of faith that guides their lives, they are said to have a strong belief or conviction in a person or a thing to a degree they don’t need logical proof or material evidence to believe that what they feel or will come to them is true. Whether it is in recovery or any situation that is encountered on a daily basis, people who take a leap of faith will believe in a positive outcome because somehow things will work out for the better.

The Different Types of Faith

There are several ways that people can express their faith. Most obviously, people can feel faith that their higher power or their Creator will be there to provide them with guidance and direction when it seems there is no clear path. Secondly, people who practice faith in all parts of the life put their trust and confidence in others which can be a friend, doctor, pastor or another person. A third way that people can express their faith is that any good actions they perform will result in good things being returned to them. Additionally, there is faith that occurs when someone is inspired by others and seeks to follow their example. In regards to recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, this could mean having faith in their sobriety because they have witnessed others recover in the same fashion.

Taking a Leap of Faith in Your Recovery

In order to maintain meaningful long-term recovery, you must have a rock-solid plan that includes working an individual recovery plan that what devised during drug treatment, regular attendance and participation in a Christian 12-step program or other sober support group meetings and having those people in your life who are supportive of your recovery-based lifestyle. All of those pieces are very important, but they won’t help you in the long run unless you have the courage to believe that your life will truly become better and more fulfilling by staying sober. Faith can be seen as being the engine that keeps your recovery moving forward, even during those times when the triggers and temptations that lead to relapse are present.

The reasons for having faith in your recovery are numerous. First and foremost, many people who first enter recovery often suffer from low self-esteem which is brought on by years of substance abuse. When they quit drugs and/or alcohol, many addicts may not feel they are worthy or able to break the cycle of addiction they had been stuck in for years. Having faith early in recovery helps rebuild one’s self-esteem and they appreciate the small victories that come their way once they start working their recovery in earnest. One way to begin your journey of faith is through the 12-steps & prayer.

As stated earlier, having faith in recovery is essential because it help build trust in those who are trying to help them. Without that basic trust, people who are in recovery will remain cynical and suspicious and their chances of achieving any form of lasting sobriety will be slim at best. Once you start having faith in the recovery process and seeing results, it is much easier to sustain the necessary momentum needed to continue on the recovery journey, and it also makes in easier to overcome obstacles that will inevitably happen along that journey.

Ways to Strengthen Faith in Recovery

When you are in a Florida Christian rehab facility, the most obvious way to strengthen faith is to connect with God and his Word through Scripture. These programs tie in Biblical study with 12-step work to show that the Steps are God’s blueprint to deliver you from your addiction to drug and alcohol. In addition to Scripture, many Florida Christian drug treatment programs feature regular Church services and other forms of worship to reinforce faith in recovery and self.

In those times–especially early in recovery–when staying sober seems impossible, a way to cultivate is to simply fake it until you make it. This mindset is similar to positive thinking in the fact that in order to succeed daily in recovery, you must act as though it is already happening. Once you start seeing positive things happening in your recovery, the need to “fake it” becomes less and less. It is also important to count the blessing in your life that happen as a result of your recovery–no matter how small. Developing a sense of gratitude makes it easier to cultivate faith.

Create Lasting Recovery and Faith With the Help of Ocean Breeze Recovery Center

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