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Nobody ever intends to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Although we all know the great potential there is for addiction, mind-altering substances always appear to be so innocuous: How can a bottle of beer or a marijuana cigarette ruin a person’s life? Technically, they don’t. What does ruin a person’s life is the path that the bottle of beer or a marijuana cigarette might put a person on. Although addiction is a disease, it’s impossible for it to develop without the use and misuse of these addictive substances. What might seem like harmless experimentation today can escalate out of your control and before you know it, you’re beholden to the impulses of this potentially lethal disease.

There’s a common misconception that only people who morally or spiritually weak can fall prey to the addictive power of alcohol and drugs, but that’s completely untrue. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that can develop in anyone who gives it the opportunity. In a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), close to 25 million Americans over the age of 12 meet the criteria for alcoholism or drug addiction, which amounts to roughly one in ten individuals living in the U.S. When you consider that at least 83 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians, it’s reasonable to assume that if the majority of addicts aren’t Christians, at least a significant number of them would ascribe themselves to the Christian faith. Clearly, even those of strong faith can become addicted.

Until recently, most people believed that faith—or spirituality—and a clinical, medicinal approach to addiction recovery were incompatible and irreconcilable. In other words, it was assumed that a person could either choose a faith-based support program or enroll in a clinical addiction treatment program at a rehab, but there were no options available that combined the two. However, there are now many Christian addiction treatment programs and Christian treatment centers located across the U.S., meeting the needs of the many Christian people who have inadvertently become addicted and have been unable to find their ways back to health and faith. Moreover, there are Christian programs of all types, from short-term to long-term and from twelve step-facilitated to holistic.

In many ways, a holistic approach to addiction treatment is a perfect fit for Christians suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. But how do you choose the right holistic Christian addiction treatment program? And how can you tell when you’re actually suffering from addiction?

What is a Holistic Christian Treatment Program?

To obtain a thorough understanding of what differentiates a holistic Christian addiction treatment program from a program that’s not holistic—or, alternately, not Christian—you’ll have to become familiar with those terms. “Holistic” refers to “holism” or “holistic medicine”, which can be concisely described as a comprehensive form of care that considers a patient’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to provide a total state of wellness. In recent years, holism has been misconceived as being related to “New Age medicine”, but that’s not actually the case. When a person receives holistic care, they receive almost the same type of treatments that a person would expect from non-holistic care, but with an added emphasis on a patient’s spiritual needs. In an addiction treatment program, this means that a variety of holistic forms of treatment have been included in or made available as part of a patient’s comprehensive recovery curriculum.

Meanwhile, a Christian addiction treatment program is exactly as it sounds: An addiction treatment program that’s tailored to the specific needs of Christians who have developed addictions to alcohol and drugs. It was once said that an addiction occurs when a person looks for meaning and fulfillment in the wrong places, so a Christian program is intended to help patients reconnect with God and strengthen their faith as a means of reinforcing their recoveries. By incorporating the Christian ideology into a clinical treatment program, patients are able to simultaneously break their physical dependencies to alcohol and drugs through holistic detox, address their mental and physical needs through therapy and counseling, and find spiritual fulfillment by reconnecting with their faiths, all in one holistic Christian treatment program.

When you consider the perspectives of holistic and Christian forms of care, it’s obvious that the two approaches would be complementary when incorporated into a single addiction treatment program. A holistic approach is a comprehensive form of addiction recovery that addresses the mind, body and spirit, and by incorporating a Christian perspective into the spiritual component of holistic, you get the best of both worlds. These programs often offer holistic treatments like like art and music therapy, but while also offering religious services, scripture-based twelve-step literature, Bible study groups, and many other features unique to Christian programs.

How Do Holistic Christian Programs Help with Addiction?

Everyone who becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs has their own unique needs; however, there are certain treatments and therapies that serve as the basis of just about any effective addiction treatment program. These include the individual counseling with an experienced therapist who specializes in addiction recovery, psychoeducational and interpersonal process group therapies, relapse prevention training, life-skills training, and other such essentials. It’s through these forms of treatment that you’ll learn whether there were any underlying mental or emotional factors or perhaps any past experiences that might have contributed to the development of the addiction. If any such factors are identified, it’s through these core offerings that they will be mitigated to ensure that they don’t cause any relapses in the future.

However, while holistic Christian programs for addiction can address a person’s physical and mental needs, the emotional and spiritual components are covered by the holism and emphasis on Christian ideals. Holistic practices are used to help with stress, mood stability, and a number of other verifiable benefits. You’ll generally feel happier, more serene, and have a better outlook on life by using meditation as a holistic recovery tool. The Christian emphasis is complementary the holistic techniques as it enhances a recovering addict’s sense of fulfillment while providing an endless source of strength through one’s connection with God.

Offered in an inpatient setting, holistic Christian programs for addiction separate a person from the circumstances in which he or she became addicted, which affords the individual ample time to break the physical and psychological effects of addiction. This is also helpful because there’s none of the temptation that a person would deal with if he or she continued to live at home during treatment. Being in a holistic Christian inpatient treatment program allows a person to focus on him or herself and the healing process.

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Addiction is a progressive and complex disease, and in order to successfully address and overcome substance abuse, you need to seek professional help. For many who are caught in the tight grip of drug addiction, the tools, support, and encouragement that are found in drug & alcohol treatment programs will give them the best chance of experiencing a meaningful long-term recovery. There is no doubt that addiction treatment programs are a foundation for a successful recovery, but trying to find the perfect drug rehab that fits your unique and specific needs can be a frustrating challenge. With all the treatment options that lay before you, knowing where to turn and who you can talk to can be difficult.

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Is a Holistic Christian Addiction Treatment Program Right for You?

Due to the diversity of those who become addicted and the breadth of effects that the disease can cause, there hasn't been one, single form of addiction found to be the best solution for all addicts. As such, choosing the right addiction treatment program for one’s needs is done on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that all of a person’s recovery needs—the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—are addressed over the course of the treatment process. However, holistic Christian addiction treatment programs account for the variation of effects for which the disease of addiction is known. Beginning with a period of holistic detox treatment and continuing through treatment to the point of aftercare planning, a holistic program for Christians is designed to offer relief to effects that many other programs don’t address.

However, there are a number of instances when a holistic Christian addiction treatment program may be an ideal recovery solution. If you’re someone who has attempted other types of treatment programs before and have been unable to achieve lasting sobriety, a holistic Christian program might provide optimal results since it addresses the disease of addiction from a more naturalistic, patient-centered perspective. In particular, this type of program wants to help addicts get sober and become healthy, but it also wants to help them source strength and conviction from their faith and help them to feel like their lives are meaningful or full of purpose; and this tends to be something that is most readily offered by holistic- and Christ-focused treatment.

Anyone who feels like his or her recovery would be most successful if treatment was incorporated Christian ideals and beliefs would likely achieve optimal results from holistic Christian programs for addiction. Especially with regard to remaining abstinent, making faith a central part of the recovery process can serve to strengthen newfound sobriety since their beliefs afford them with a strong sense of community as well.

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The Benefits of Holistic Christian Treatment Programs for Addiction

Diverse selection of treatment options, counseling, and group treatments still serve as the foundation while holistic therapies enhance the program, emphasis on comfort and creating a peaceful and home-like environment, comprehensive aftercare that addresses the many layers of sustained recovery, well-rounded programs with organic and balanced meals-many types of physical activities and exercise available, use of experiential therapies like music therapy, emphasis on nature and serenity and relaxation, knowledgeable and experienced staff who know many different ways to treat addiction.

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When it comes to standard treatment programs, there’s often a lack of personalization and intimacy. These curricula tend to treat patients as if they should require nothing more than the essentials in order to become sober and abstinent. However, with most of the U.S. being of the Christian faith, it’s clear that non-Christian addiction treatment programs lack an emphasis that is like considered important on a national scale. In a holistic addiction treatment program for Christians, many of the concepts that are often central to Christianity and many other religions are addressed, such as the implications of guilt and forgiveness.

The underlying ideology of holism is predicated on the idea that all people have an innate healing power within them, and this healing power needs only to be honed or activated in order for them to recover from most afflictions. Moreover, a holistic perspective of addiction recovery focuses on many circumstances that often lead to relapse. In particular, there’s an emphasis on thought disruption, visualization, and relaxation techniques that can be used to reinforce sobriety and ensure the longevity of sobriety. Some of the techniques used to achieve relapse disruption include the use of meditation and nutrition among many others. These holistic Christian programs are also taught by experienced professionals who have extensive experience with the techniques they teach.

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For many addicts, being in a peer group with other addicts contributes to the length and severity of a substance abuse problem. In effect, it’s difficult for them to become ready to begin the recovery process when they’re surrounded by others who aren’t supportive or encouraging of recovery. Having a support network and people who are encouraging of recovery is an essential part of the recovery process, and that’s one of the features that makes Christian forms of treatment so effective. The Christian religion tends to bond people and makes Christians part of a single community. In other words, being a Christian and enrolling in a Christian program means having a built-in support network.

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How to Find a Holistic Christian Treatment Center

When it comes to addiction recovery, most addicts must accept their need for help on their own terms. The reason that many people are resistant to recovery is because, among other reasons, they’re unsure of what their needs actually are and what form of treatment would best address them. In such a situation, looking for the right form of treatment would is much like looking for a needle in a haystack. But that’s where we come in.

At Ocean Breeze Recovery, our top priority is helping anyone suffering from addiction to find the form of treatment that best addresses their individual needs. Using our nationwide network of the best and most diverse rehabs in the country, we can match you or a loved one suffering from addiction with the right program that can address each specific recovery need. For more information or if you have questions and concerns that need answers, call Ocean Breeze Recovery at 855-960-5241 today. We’re available anytime, day or night, to help you begin your journey back to health and happiness.