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There’s a common misconception that Christians aren’t able or are much less likely to develop addictions than those who aren’t Christian or who ascribe to any particular faith. However, with at least 83 percent of Americans identifying themselves as being of the Christian faith and approximately one in ten Americans over the age of 12 currently suffering from addiction, it’s safe to assume that a significant number of people who have severe alcohol and drug problems are Christians. Therefore, it’s important for knowledge about Christian addiction treatment programs—including how they help and how to find one—to be available and accessible to the many Christians who aren’t sure what they need to return to health and spiritual oneness.

Finding a choosing the right treatment facility and program for one’s needs might seem to be a straightforward process, but it’s actually a puzzle with several important pieces. A person must determine what, exactly, are the specific recovery needs to be addressed for the individual to achieve not just sobriety, but lasting recovery. Once the needs have been established, it’s time to start sifting through the thousands of rehabs that are located throughout the U.S., which is typically the most daunting part of the process. Moreover, it’s likely that the facilities that would be considered for one type of program wouldn’t be the same facilities from which one would choose when looking for a different type of program. When it comes to finding a short-term Christian treatment program for alcoholism and drug addiction, here is everything that you need to know.

What is a Short-Term Christian Treatment Program?

When it comes to addiction treatment programs, there are several different forms of programming with most of them falling into one of two categories: inpatient or outpatient. As the names would suggest, inpatient refers to residential-type programs in which a patient lives on-site during the program while outpatient programs don’t entail residency. All evidence points to inpatient treatment being the most effective. Additionally, the fact that there are both short- and long-term programs as well as programs that can cater to certain, specific needs—such as faith-based treatment programs for addicted Christians—make them an very adaptable, able to be easily customized and personalized to each individual’s preferences and needs.

A short-term Christian addiction treatment program is a form of treatment that typically lasts for between 28 and 30 days. Short-term programming is the most common and popular form of inpatient treatment for reasons that will be mentioned below. Generally, short-term addiction treatment consists of an initial intake followed by a period of detox. The amount of time spent in detoxification will vary from one person to the next and depends on such factors as the substance or substances to which the person is addicted and the length of time spent in active addiction. In most cases, detox treatment will take about one week, but some may require two. The purpose of Christian detox treatment is to help a person to overcome the physical component of addiction, breaking the body’s dependence on alcohol or drugs while also cleansing the body of any harmful chemicals and toxins. Without stabilizing the body and returning it to a state of physical health, it would be incredibly difficult for a person to focus on treatment while still experiencing strong cravings and withdrawals.

After completing an alcohol or drug detoxification, a person begins addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual components of addiction in active treatment. In most short-term treatment programs, this entails individual counseling with an experienced addictions counselor, group therapies, relapse prevention training, and aftercare planning. However, short-term Christian programs for addiction have as much an emphasis on spiritual recovery as physical and psychological. Most short-term Christian programs utilize a version of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous that has been reimagined with a Christian focus, incorporating scripture and Christian ideologies into the twelve-step method. Moreover, short-term Christian treatment programs want to help those who struggle with addiction to re-establish their connections with God.

How Do Short-Term Christian Programs Help with Addiction?

Everyone’s needs are different. What works best for one person may not be optimal for others. This is why there are a number of Christian treatment facilities located throughout the U.S., ensuring that people who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs and who would prefer an addiction treatment program with a Christian focus can have their spiritual needs met in recovery. It’s even been suggested that addiction occurs when a person tries to fill a spiritual void with substance abuse; therefore, it follows that strengthening one’s faith and developing a stronger connection with God would promote lasting recovery. In fact, many Christians in recovery find that much of their strength and determination comes from their faith.

Another way that short-term Christian addiction treatment programs help with addiction is by making recovery a much more accessible and less daunting prospect. Many addicts experience withdrawal in the times when they’re unable to procure a fix; therefore, they experience the full intensity of withdrawal symptoms. They come to fear withdrawal and anything they associate with withdrawal, which includes recovery since that requires a person to cease his or her drug use. Fear of withdrawal symptoms is actually one of the most common reasons why addicts resist or outright reject the prospect of recovery. However, short-term Christian programs aren’t as intimidating since they can be completed in a much shorter amount of time. Therefore, shorter programs are more likely to be an option for anyone who isn’t ready to try a long-term program.

There’s a common misconception that Christians and people of other faiths have a stronger sense of right and wrong while those who aren’t religious or who are merely spiritual have a weaker sense of morality. While that’s not true, there have been studies that indicate when Christians become addicted, their addictions tend to make them more unhappy. However, a short-term Christian treatment program offers a reprieve from the unhappiness that’s caused by having developed an addiction, lived in active addiction, and liked made poor choices for which one feels extreme guilt or shame. In effect, a short-term Christian program gives a person the chance to test the waters of sobriety, liberating oneself from the desperate need for alcohol or drugs and being able to simply reflect on one’s life and future. Additionally, short-term addiction treatment programs for Christians are often used as a starting point that’s followed by other forms of treatment. For instance, a person who had been fearful of recovery might choose to first complete a short-term Christian program and, upon having success in the short-term program, transition into a more intensive program or an outpatient program as a form of aftercare.

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Addiction is a progressive and complex disease, and in order to successfully address and overcome substance abuse, you need to seek professional help. For many who are caught in the tight grip of drug addiction, the tools, support, and encouragement that are found in drug & alcohol treatment programs will give them the best chance of experiencing a meaningful long-term recovery. There is no doubt that addiction treatment programs are a foundation for a successful recovery, but trying to find the perfect drug rehab that fits your unique and specific needs can be a frustrating challenge. With all the treatment options that lay before you, knowing where to turn and who you can talk to can be difficult.

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Is a Short-Term Christian Addiction Treatment Program Right for You?

A short-term Christian addiction treatment program isn’t going to be the best solution for everyone; however, there are a number of people who would benefit greatly from a short-term Christian treatment program. In particular, short-term programs would be ideal for Christians who have only been addicted to alcohol or drugs for a short period of time. In such instances, it’s possible that they would not yet have reached the highest level of severity, requiring only a minimal period of detox with the remainder of the program helping them to overcome the addiction. Similarly, the means by which a person becomes addicted can also be a factor; for instance, if the addiction was inadvertent or otherwise not the result of the willful abuse of mind-altering substances—such as becoming addicted to one’s prescription medication—it’s likely that a short-term Christian addiction treatment program would suffice. If an individual only needs a few weeks of individual counseling, group therapy, and relapse prevention, each of which includes an emphasis on spirituality.

When re-establishing a connection with God is an important recovery goal, one would likely experience great results from a short-term Christian treatment program. Since a significant portion of those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction are Christian, there would naturally be many who could derive strength from God in a program that, in addition to treatment, gives them the chance to reflect on their faith and how that will play a key role in their long-lasting sobriety. Moreover, for people who don’t have a strong support network consisting of people who understand addiction and recovery and who also hold faith to be an important part of their lives, short-term Christian treatment programs provide an opportunity to meet others who have similar perspectives, can relate to one’s struggle, and can be an immense asset to achieving lasting recovery.

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The Benefits of Short-Term Christian Treatment Programs for Addiction

There are many benefits of short-term Christian addiction treatment programs.

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Firstly, short-term programs are much less time consuming. This is highly beneficial for those who have a job or familial responsibilities that prohibit them from being absent for extended periods of time. Although short-term Christian treatment programs still involve an absence, it’s much shorter than other forms of treatment, making it more likely that a person could make the necessary arrangements for treatment if he or she was only going for a month or so. For instance, a person in need of treatment who doesn’t want to lose his or her job could use vacation time, personal or sick days, or take a temporary, unpaid leave of absence for medical reasons; this would allow him or her the necessary period of time to complete the program without disrupting his or her career.

With short-term Christian treatment programs only being approximately a month in duration, it follows that this form of treatment would be one of the least expensive options. For those who intend to pay for treatment out-of-pocket, this means that the program will cost much less than other forms of treatment such as long-term and residential inpatient treatments, making short-term Christian addiction treatment programs much less disruptive to one’s finances. If paying out-of-pocket isn’t an option, a much lower cost could make obtaining the funds from family members and loved ones more feasible. Moreover, short-term Christian programs are one form of treatment that’s very frequently covered by insurance. And since the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (ACA) made substance abuse treatment an essential health benefit, the majority of private and government health insurance plans will surely cover. Alternately, there are financing options—such as loans intended specifically to cover the cost of an addiction rehabilitation program—that are more accessible and easier to get when a much smaller amount of money is needed.

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There’s also the fact that short-term Christian programs for addiction treatment offer many of the same core treatments as more intensive programs, including psychotherapy, psychoeducational and interpersonal process group therapies, relapse prevention training, and aftercare. However, Christian-based short-term programs include an emphasis on spirituality, especially how one’s faith and relationship with God can be a central part of one’s success in recovery.

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How to Find a Short-Term Christian Treatment Center

Conservative estimates put the number of addiction treatment facilities that are currently in the U.S. at about 15,000. While many of them offer the key essentials to an effective addiction treatment program, achieving sobriety and abstinence is about more than just the bare minimum. Everyone has certain, specific needs that he or she must have met for him or her to achieve long-lasting recovery. For Christians who have become addicted to alcohol and drugs, this means finding the right Christian addiction treatment program.

However, with there potentially being several thousands of Christian rehabs in the U.S., how does one narrow those possibilities down to the one that’s the best fit? Instead of leaving your future and your health to chance, call Ocean Breeze Recovery. We help anyone suffering from chemical dependence to get the help they need to get their lives back, and our expert rehab-matching and recovery consulting services are second to none. If you or someone you love would like us to find the right short-term Christian treatment program or some other form of treatment, call Ocean Breeze Recovery at 855-960-5341. Lasting health and happiness begin with just one phone call.