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One of the largest, yet least talked about side effects of drug addiction and abuse, is the money lost to it. Often times more severe addictions require large amounts of time and money to keep the addiction afloat, commonly draining the users personal earnings. For those suffering from chronic and severe substance addiction, economic burdens are usually the most heavily influenced over the course of addiction, which can then affect other parts of a person’s life. Money difficulties are also one of the first indicators to a severe and worsening addiction issue. With the growing and worsening opioid epidemic currently plaguing the country, reported cases of opioid addicts are on the rise, which will undoubtedly parallel that of reported economic burdens tied in directly to it. Our Ocean Breeze Drug Calculator was created with the purpose of helping you calculate the amount of money spent on a crippling, or even milder, addiction issue.

Interactive Drug Calculator

By using the Ocean Breeze Drug Calculator below, we can help you estimate the amount of money you might spend on a weekly and monthly bases. Once your results are submitted, we will then add up the total amount of money spent on drugs, and compare them to other items of similar price that could have been purchased instead. Many users are sometimes unaware as to the amount of money spent on their addiction and the monumental costs required. Chronic substance abusers will often ascertain enough money over a short period of time—that if used for other purposes—could have been used on a new car, overseas vacation, and other expensive commodities.

*The numbers are based on a national average calculated on a weekly and monthly estimate. Click Submit to view your yearly estimate. Please make sure to enter a decimal point when entering grams and that it ends in zero (i.e.  1.20 or .10).

  • Marijuana

    As marijuana use grows across the United States, so too does its’ availability nationwide as different states begin legalizing the drug. There has been a spike in prices and a spike in emergencies relating to it.

  • Heroin

    Currently the United States is falling victim to a opioid epidemic, where deaths relating to it average out to nearly 2,000 yearly. Although prices remain high, they often bring with it economic and societal destruction.

  • Cocaine

    Known more popularly as the “rich man’s drug”, cocaine has only risen in price across the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine addiction is slowly rising again across the country.

  • Methamphetamine

    Also known simply as “meth”, methamphetamines have grown to be one of the most available yet destructive drugs to hit the American streets. Although prices are high, it’s composed of highly volatile and cheap materials.

  • Pills

    Pills—from prescription drugs to Percocet—has been one of the most destructive addictions currently plaguing the country with over 2,000 different overdose deaths relating to it yearly.

  • Crack

    Crack is in fact simply a cheaper and smokable version of cocaine, however, the damages caused by it are often times far worse than cocaine alone. Crack is notable for its cheap prices around the country.

  • LSD

    Also known as “acid”, LSD is a heavy psychedelic drug known around the world for its intense mind-altering and bending effects. Currently information regarding it is still in its infancy, although addictions remain high.

  • Mushrooms

    “Psilocybin mushrooms” are hallucinogenic drugs that have been known to cause intense and often traumatizing visions and hallucinations. Also, addiction to it has been slowly rising again according to NIDA.

  • Ecstasy

    “Commonly known as “MDMA”, ecstasy is simply a refined and different version of methamphetamine, with similar side effects. MDMA has been known to be extremely addictive, almost identical to that of meth.

  • Total Amount Spent on Drugs Weekly and Monthly

  • *The numbers are based on a national average calculated on a weekly and monthly estimate. Click Submit to view your annual spending.

Due to the nature of the human body and the drugs one might consume, often times certain drugs affect people differently, meaning certain individuals might need to consume more or less than others. Prices for drugs, especially of the illegal kind, change radically depending on location and strains that dealers might sell, which also raises the danger involved in not only obtaining the drugs, but in merely consuming them. If you believe yourself or a loved one might be struggling and is in need of help from their drug or alcohol addiction, call Ocean Breeze Recovery today for an immediate consultation with an addiction specialist. Our hotline is available 24/7, call us today at 855-960-5341