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Many individuals who are struggling with drug addiction seek treatment through traditional 12-step based treatment facilities. While the combination of individual and group therapy, life and coping skills training and relapse prevention programs featured at these drug and alcohol rehabs are effective and have helped countless numbers of addicts find long-term sobriety, these traditional approaches on their own may not be sufficient to address the whole addiction picture. In order to help the addict completely address the roots of their addiction and to completely heal in mind, body, and spirit, holistic addiction treatment approaches may provide a better opportunity for them to find meaningful long-term recovery.

An increasing number of drug treatment centers are employing holistic approaches as part of a comprehensive treatment and recovery plan. If you have tried more traditional drug treatment methods with little success, or if the treatment centers you are looking at don’t have the additional and beneficial programs that you desire, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center’s holistic addiction treatment facility is worth a deeper look. Contact us toll-free today to learn more.

What is Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment and How Does It Work?

In the most general terms, Florida holistic treatment programs like the one offered at the Ocean Breeze Recovery inpatient drug rehab program treat the person as a whole being and takes into account the psychological and spiritual factors that cause addiction as well as the physical factors. The experienced treatment staff and health professionals that utilize holistic treatment methods implement various natural healing techniques to remove drug and alcohol toxins from a person’s body with or without the use of medications. Through these natural and time-tested methods, it is believed those substance abuse issues (as well as any underlying medical or mental issues) can face the underlying physical, mental and spiritual struggles that led them to addiction and work through them to achieve total unity within the body.

What are the Benefits of Our Florida Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

When holistic techniques are used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, addicts can experience several essential benefits that can increase their chances of long-term recovery success. For example, a Florida holistic treatment program can help addicts identify the underlying mechanisms that are triggering their addictive behavior and have a better understanding of the events that led to the development of their addiction. When clients uncover these deeper underlying causes, they can learn and employ various holistic-based techniques that can help relax the mind so they are better able to cope with the triggers and temptations of their home environment. Additionally, the use of these effective holistic treatment methods will provide a solid foundation for recovery in the fact that many of the methods employed in a Florida holistic treatment center can be used outside of treatment and provide healthy alternatives to using drugs and alcohol.

What Do I Need to Look for in a Holistic Drug Rehab?

As with traditional inpatient drug treatment programs, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration when searching for a top holistic drug recovery center in Florida. First, you need to review the treatment options that are available to you. Holistic drug recovery facilities in Florida provide the necessary treatment in accordance with the patient’s level of drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Patients with more severe drug issues may receive long-term drug treatment, allowing them to work on their recovery in the safety and security of a residential holistic drug recovery facility for an extended period.

If needed and is a realistic option, patients can also participate in more outpatient drug rehab programs. With these programs, clients can spend part of their day undergoing treatment at a holistic drug recovery facility where they can focus on proper therapy and education. These programs can be held during the day or at night depending on a patient’s work, family or school schedule. The length of time an individual stays in this type of outpatient program is dependent on their unique and specific needs, such as men’s and women’s gender-specific treatment, but usually can last for a few months.

Additionally and most importantly, Florida holistic treatment can provide the essential complement of tools in conjunction with more traditional treatment methods.  An obvious benefit is the focus on the natural self and being able to encompass the physical, social and spiritual in equal measure.

How Ocean Breeze Recovery Center’s Florida Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Works

When you come to Ocean Breeze Recovery for our effective holistic treatment program, you will receive top quality treatment services that you come to expect such as around the clock medical supervision, medical detox as well as group and/or individual therapies. In addition, to those “tried and true” treatment services, our Florida holistic drug treatment programs offer a wide variety of effective holistic therapies such as nutritional therapy and spiritual counseling.

Located in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center’s quality holistic drug treatment programs take full advantage of the environment. With its close proximity to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and miles of pristine beaches, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center incorporates a wide array of holistic-based activities that allow clients who struggle with all types of substance abuse and addictions to get the most of their treatment experience.

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