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Alumni Recovery Programs

Ocean Breeze Recovery’s Alumni Program

The drug treatment alumni program, Ocean Breeze Recovery, offered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is designed to help addiction recovery program graduates stay connected to the recovery community and continue on the path to recovery.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your drug treatment program, and you’re now ready to take on new challenges life has to offer—you’re free to do it without the shackles of addiction weighing you down. However, completing the program isn’t the end of your recovery. Each phase of recovery is the beginning of a new challenge, including the moment you complete your treatment program.

Addiction is a chronic disease and recovery is a lifelong process that requires continual commitment. In order to maintain your hard-earned recovery, it is recommended that you participate in some form of supportive aftercare programs such as an alumni program. This provides the continued support and encouragement you need as you return home, go back to work, and take care of your family. For some, returning to the hardships of life can put a lot of pressure on your resolve to stay sober. Without regular support from people who understand what you are going through, you may risk relapsing.

As part of our treatment services, an alumni program is a flexible option that is available to you every week. As you take on new responsibilities and learn new things, you can meet with fellow alumni in recovery to learn new coping techniques, share more about your new experiences, or simply vent your frustrations.

What Is an Alumni Recovery Program for Addiction Treatment?

In the world of drug treatment and recovery, alumni programs are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who have completed drug treatment. They allow people in recovery who have just completed residential programs or intensive outpatient programs to stay connected with the recovery community. You can connect with other recovery center alumni with the goal to strengthen your commitment to recovery and help you ease into the next phase of the process.

New alumni can learn from those who have completed the recovery process and re-entered the real world before them. This allows them to get a better idea of the challenges they might face going forward. It also provides a place to bring issues, triggers, and predicaments to get advice and vent in an environment that is free of judgment. Most of all, this gives you the opportunity to forge positive friendships with people who have the same commitments.

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How an Addiction Alumni Program Can Help You Stay Sober

When you complete residential-based drug treatment and take part in an alumni program at Ocean Breeze Recovery, there are several ways this program can help you stay connected to those who are still in drug treatment while reaching out to the broader recovery community in Pompano Beach and beyond. First, the alumni program at Ocean Breeze Recovery organizes and holds recovery events nationwide, which allows the opportunity for graduates in any part of the country to meet and share their experiences.

Second, our alumni services will also help you locate and connect with local support groups and recovery resources, like AA and NA, that are located within your community that you can turn to when needed. Another benefit of an alumni drug treatment program is that it allows you to provide support and encouragement to other graduates of various drug treatment programs who may be struggling with their own next step of recovery.

Alumni recovery programs also reinforce the importance of staying in touch with treatment staff no matter how far along you are in your recovery journey. By keeping these connections intact, it allows you to have the continued encouragement and support you need as you progress in your recovery, even years down the line. Additionally, another important component in an alumni treatment program is the fact that you are able to take part in volunteer opportunities either at the treatment center itself or in your community. When you are of service to others, you are not only enriching the lives of the people around you, you are also reinforcing the core values in your recovery.

According to an old proverb from King Solomon, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” It points to the fact that struggles that can easily overpower a single person can be resisted by a group of people—we are stronger together than we are apart. This is a fitting sentiment for addiction recovery. The more you connect with people who are committed to recovery, the stronger you will be when you face life’s stressors and triggers.

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The moment you leave drug treatment is when your new challenge in recovery begins. With the alumni program at Ocean Breeze Recovery, you can draw support from our extensive network of graduates who can help you stay motivated and will empower you to continue growing in your recovery.

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