Addiction Treatment at Ocean Breeze Recovery

Ocean Breeze Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Pompano Beach, Florida. We use a client-based approach to recovery, and our professional staff provides clients with the highest level of care.

Our drug treatment center offers clients the support and guidance they need for sustained recovery by using a variety of treatment methods. We specialize in holistic drug treatment, which means that we help clients achieve wellness in mind, body, and spirit. It is important for an individual in drug treatment to address all areas of their life that are out of balance, and work through the conflict and emotional trauma of the past that is contributing to their addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

The drug and alcohol treatment center of Ocean Breeze uses different therapy types to help clients achieve complete sobriety. In addition to our group and individual therapy sessions, clients are able to participate in yoga therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and psychodrama therapy. These different forms of drug and alcohol treatment are used together to ensure complete healing.

We use a Christian drug treatment program for individuals seeking faith-based recovery. All participants of our drug treatment programs are treated in gender specific groups, in order to make the individual feel comfortable in recovery and able to open up to others in the group.

We, at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center believe that family is important to the recovery process. Because many families experience conflict and dysfunction as a result of addiction, it is important during recovery that the entire family has the opportunity to work through issues and heal. Ocean Breeze drug and alcohol treatment center offers families the support and treatment that they need, and encourages their participation in their loved one’s recovery.

Addiction Treatment

Ocean Breeze offers different levels of care to clients during their addiction treatment process. Our inpatient program provides counseling and support to clients in a controlled, secure drug treatment center. For those who are farther along in recovery, we offer an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program.

We know that recovery does not end when an individual completes our addiction treatment program. We offer long term care programs for clients in need of additional care. Our active alumni program helps individuals stay connected to our drug and alcohol treatment center, and provides them with a support system to help them avoid relapse.

Ocean Breeze Recovery Drug Treatment Center is located near the beach, and guests are invited to participate in therapy sessions at local parks, on the beach, or outside the Ocean Breeze facility. Clients can relax and be rejuvenated in the beautiful Florida climate.

Ocean Breeze therapists and staff provide each client with the compassionate care they deserve. We have programs specifically for drug treatment, treatment for alcoholism, and treatment for dual diagnosis. Each client that enters our facility is fully assessed by a professional therapist in order to help determine the drug treatment plan that will best meet his or her individual needs.

To learn more about Ocean Breeze, or to speak to our admissions team, call us today!