Florida Day Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Ocean Breeze Recovery Day Drug Rehab offers a treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse. This treatment plan is designed specifically for those individuals that are not considered to be high risk and are in no immediate danger to themselves or others. This is an intensive outpatient therapy approach. Patients engage in the Day Drug Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Abuse program for 8 hours per day and go home at the end of the night. The benefits are lower costs and more flexibility.

Day Drug treatment program fits into the continuum of addiction treatment and includes the primary features of inpatient care. Patients work diligently with the Ocean Breeze Recovery clinical staff consisting of the medical director, psychiatrist and therapists to develop an individualized addiction treatment plan. During treatment patients are assessed and attend individual and group therapy.

Very often the day programs are part of a full phase down treatment model where patients move from the Residential level of care to a day drug rehab treatment program. Our day treatment programs are very structured and are a multi-dimensional approach to treatment. We strive to maintain an exemplary standard of addiction treatment.

What Our Florida Day Drug & Alcohol Treatment Does:

  • A combination of day programs and return to sober houses at end of day
  • Deliver structure and support to aid in returning to daily life
  • Increases the chances of complete recovery
  • The ideal way to embrace sobriety and change lives forever

For more information about Day Drug Rehab or all any other addiction treatment programs please contact us at 855.262.2870.