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Full blown addiction can years to develop, and during that time it slowly takes away your physical and mental health. During your downward spiral, not only is your life thrown into dysfunction, but your family, friends and other loved ones also bear the brunt of your addiction. The cycle of addiction you are in the middle of seems never ending, and you may be at your wit’s end trying to find a way to resolve your substance abuse issues once and for all. If you are seeking quality drug treatment that is proven to work and the around the clock and help and support you need, inpatient drug treatment provides you the best chance for long-term recovery success.

While the intensive structure, programming, and support you receive at our Florida inpatient drug & alcohol treatment center provide you with the tools you need to get and stay sober, you may be unsure how inpatient drug treatment helps you recover. Additionally, you may not know the variety of services that are featured in an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment. Making the decision to undergo treatment is not only a major life decision, it also requires a significant commitment of both time and money. When you are ready to make that investment towards yourself and your future, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center is here to help.

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What is Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment and What are its Goals?

Inpatient drug treatment programs allow addicts to actually live within the facility itself in order to confront the issues that have led to their drug abuse. Not only will they receive guidance and support from experienced therapists and staff in addressing the underlying roots of their specific addiction, they will receive the tools and support they need to overcome their substance abuse and successfully work an individual program of recovery once they complete treatment. Inpatient drug treatment begins with a comprehensive clinical assessment of an individual’s specific treatment needs. This assessment is an essential foundation of the development of an effective treatment plan that will be tailored to the needs of the individual.

When you enter an inpatient drug treatment program, there are several important goals that must be achieved. First and foremost, treatment will help you see the problems caused by your substance abuse and will help you find the motivation to change. Secondly, you will learn to change your behavior so you can repair and restore the relationships that were ruined as a result of your substance abuse. Additionally, you will be able to create new relationships with people who are supportive of your substance-free lifestyle. Most importantly, you will be able to create a new and healthy lifestyle based on your recovery.

What Services are Offered at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center?

As one of the pre-eminent drug treatment centers in Florida Ocean Breeze Recovery offers inpatient addiction treatment programs that are effective, proven to work, and delivered by an experienced staff who have successfully worked with addicts from all walks of life. When you come to Ocean Breeze Recovery Center for drug treatment, your individualized plan of recovery is created from a wide variety of quality treatment services. One of the biggest benefits of our residential treatment programs is the fact they are flexible to meet your changing needs as you progress.

The following are the essential treatment services that comprise our effective inpatient drug treatment programs:

Individual and Group Therapy

An essential foundation of inpatient treatment is therapy. With individual therapy, clients work one-on-one with an experienced therapist to uncover the roots of their addiction in a safe and secure environment. With group therapy, clients are able to work through addiction issues together and they can receive feedback, encouragement, and support. Our experienced therapists utilize a wide range of therapies including cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, contingency management and psychotherapy in order to target your specific needs.

Life and Coping Skills Training

In order to successfully deal with the challenges and stresses of everyday life while in recovery, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center teaches all clients the life and coping skills necessary to help you achieve that goal. You will learn how to create a healthy schedule and receive assistance through employment and financial coaching. You also will be encouraged to pursue new hobbies and other areas of interest and learn the effective communication and interpersonal skills that will restore your relationships.


The real work in recovery begins after you leave drug treatment. To give you the extra support you need as you transition back to your daily life, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center offers aftercare program options such as intensive outpatient program, outpatient addiction rehab, and sober living. With aftercare programs, and an addiction alumni program you can further strengthen your individual plan of recovery so you can step back into normal life with confidence.

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