Florida Intensive Outpatient Program

It has been stated many times before, but it bears repeating.

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey that requires an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Every addict is different and a “one size fits all” treatment approach will not totally address the addict’s unique and specific needs. Fortunately, those who are struggling with the complex and progressive disease of addiction have a wide range of drug treatment options to choose from including inpatient addiction treatment, and outpatient rehab programs. While there is both diversity and quality when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment, finding the perfect rehab option can be a formidable challenge.

One of the most popular drug treatment options that is available to those struggling with substance abuse is intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is extremely versatile, and can be used as continuing care after inpatient treatment or as a stand-alone treatment option. No matter how it is utilized, and IOP provides those seeking recovery much needed support in treating substance abuse while offering an environment which empowers people to create, refine and put into practice working their program of recovery. If you or a loved one would like more information on how intensive outpatient treatment programs can help you achieve lasting sobriety, call Ocean Breeze Recovery Center today at 1-855-960-5341.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

For those who are not familiar with this particular type of treatment programming, an intensive outpatient program is a treatment method in which those new to recovery can receive intensive drug treatment services needed to address their addiction issues while living at home. When compared to residential-based drug treatment, an IOP features the same quality drug treatment services that fits into their busy daily schedule. Intensive outpatient programs feature both one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy sessions. Additionally, many IOP’s are Twelve-Step based programs in which people are highly encouraged to attend Twelve Step-based meetings or other sober support groups. A main reason why intensive outpatient treatment is attractive is the fact those in the program do not require medical detoxification. This makes an IOP the perfect  program for those who have complete formal inpatient drug treatment or for those whose addictions are considered less severe.

The experienced counselors at an intensive outpatient treatment program are able to create an individualized recovery program that will allow patients to develop the essential life skills that are needed for use outside of treatment. The primary focus of an IOP is relapse prevention, and  experienced therapists educate those who are newly recovered in the dangers of relapse as well as healthy ways they can cope with the triggers and stressors that can lead to relapse. Among the areas that will be explored include the following:

  • The characteristics of addiction
  • The dangers of relapse
  • Tolerance and withdrawal
  • Dealing with past trauma
  • The development of spirituality

Whether done on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting, patients who attend an intensive outpatient drug treatment program will learn how to express their emotions in regards to the challenges they face in recovery as well as receive guidance in how to process those past events that may have contributed to their addiction. Additionally, patients will learn to develop the essential coping and problem-solving skills needed to continue working their recovery program while dealing with the pressures of their day-to-day lives.

How Our Florida Intensive Outpatient Program Can Help You

For those seeking long-term recovery from substance abuse, seeking out the help and support of both treatment professionals and peers who are active in recovery is important. By attending intensive outpatient programming at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center, you know that you will receive high-quality programming and counseling that will address your specific addiction issues. Through an IOP, you will also receive the encouragement and support of your peers who are going through similar experiences with addiction and recovery. Additionally, the help you receive from an IOP will help you guard against the effects of PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)

It is important to note there are two stages of withdrawal that a recovering addict experiences during their early recovery. The first stage, or acute stage, can last for a few weeks after they stop using substances. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome can come months later and after a person’s bodily and mental functions return to normal. Whereas the acute withdrawal stage focuses on the physical symptoms of withdrawal, PAWS brings forth more of the emotional and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.

When those in recovery experience the symptoms related to PAWS, they may feel they are failing in recovery. By undergoing continuing care at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program, you will understand these feelings as normal and will learn how to cope with these feelings in a healthy manner. Additionally, those who start a continuing care plan at our IOP are more likely not only to stay sober but will be able to better manage and maintain long-term sobriety and recovery. We encourage all of our clients in the IOP program to also participate in our addiction rehab alumni program as part of their continued care to encourage maintaining recovery.

Find Long-Term Sobriety Through an IOP at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center

For many who struggle with substance abuse, an intensive outpatient program can be an important piece in helping them achieve lasting recovery. When you attend Ocean Breeze Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient drug treatment program, your individualized treatment plan will be drawn from multi-faceted approach. Our IOP offers programming both during the day and evening to accommodate your busy schedule and features both experienced staff and treatment approaches which are effective, proven to work and backed by research. Additionally, our intensive outpatient programs allow for the involvement of family members to further strengthen the recovery process.

Most importantly, our IOP are held in a safe, warm and comfortable environment which is conducive to recovery. The staff at Ocean Breeze Recovery Center keeps the focus on you as the client and strive to meet your needs through individually tailored programs that are a collaborative effort between you, your family and staff. For further information, contact us toll-free at 1-855-960-5341. Make recovery a reality with help from Ocean Breeze Recovery Center.